How to Remove the Child Safety on Lighters




When using a lighter everybody knows how annoying it is to keep flicking the igniter to the point where your fingers start hurting ,but there is a way to fix that problem without buying a expensive lighter or a different brand than your favorite. Word of advice, If you live near a child please do not take off the safety for their own protection.

Materials needed:

1 x Lighter

1 x Pair of pliers

1 x Flat head screwdriver

Step 1: What Piece We're Going to Remove.

This piece right here is the child safety, this is the piece that makes your fingers ache and make you have trouble flicking the ignitor. This is the piece we will be removing.

Step 2: Pushing the Prong Out of the Way.

The first step to this simple process is to just simply move this prong downwards using your flat head screwdriver so it is out of the way and ready to be removed.

Step 3: Pushing Tabs Upwards.

The next step involves your pair of pliers or a flat head screwdriver, whichever you prefer. Take your tool and bend the two small tabs upwards making room for the tab to be pulled out.

Step 4: Pulling Out the Tab.

Slowly pull out the loose tab all the way until it is completely removed from the lighter. Once this piece is removed you can push the small tabs back into place.

Step 5: Results.

When this simple process is finished the outcome should look like this. The end product is very easy to strike and shouldn't hurt your fingers with overuse. Enjoy!

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    it's much simpler than that. just put the flathead between the child Lock piece, and the striking wheel, then lift and it pops out from the side by the button.

    joris claus

    4 years ago

    that's not a child safety. That's a "Don't ignite your pants when you sit down with a lighter in your pocket"-safety!


    4 years ago

    Another extremely easy way is with a household utensil that everyone should have, a fork. You can use the fork to bend the front tabs just as you did. Then the safety should have a large enough gap from the wheel to insert a prong between the two. Then simply twist the fork and the safety pops right out.

    Nice mod, I can definitely vouch for the finger pain with normal lighters. You showed each step very well!

    Kevin Spaulding

    4 years ago

    i use a 1/8" wrench. It fits in the front opening perfectly, pry up and because of the 1/8" gap; it holds onto the safety as you pry. its great too cause the other side of the wrench is perfect for my keychain. the good steel on it works for so many other prying needs as well.
    your way is the way i used to do it before i got this awesome little wrench though.