How to Repaint a Shower & Tub

Introduction: How to Repaint a Shower & Tub

Instead of buying and replacing a new shower and tub we decided to TRY and repaint it. It was a lot of work but turned out great!

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Step 1: Materials


1. You can buy a tub & sink refinishing kit at lowes for $45.00. Check to make sure it will cover your area. Might need more than one kit or extra paint. More indepth directions can be found on the kit.

2. scuff pad

3. clear plastic and tape

4. fan for ventilation

Step 2: Remove Hardware

Before painting the tub and shower it will need to be prepped.

1. Remove all of the showers hardware, bars, curtains and other items.

2. Remove the grout/caulking.

Step 3: Clean & Scuff

1. clean the tub and shower.

2. rinised the shower for a clean surface.

3. Towel dry

4. once the area is dry, scuff the shower and tub.

Step 4: Masking Off the Shower & Tub

1. vacuum around the shower and inside to clear off any dust. you might want to lightly wipe it down.

2. Mask off the shower with plastic and tape so no over spray gets on the other part of the bathroom.

3. make sure all grout/caulking is removed.

Step 5: Painting

1. Make sure the room is well ventilated with a fan in the window. The paint fumes can be strong.

2. Evenly coat every inch of tub and shower until it is covered. You might need more than one kit to cover the entire tub and shower. ***make sure you figure out the calculations before you start to paint.

3. It takes 24 hours to dry.

Step 6: Finished

Once tub is dry......clean up paint supplies and bathroom from overspray or dust.

Next, caulk the tub.

Last, add your personal style and your 70s blue tub is now white and looks brand new!

***just a few paint touch ups and I am done!

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    2 years ago

    How well did the finish stick? Was it glossy to the touch like a new surround? Has it lasted so far?