How to Repair a Broken Speaker of an Gameboy DMG




Released in 1989, the DMG (Dot Matrix Gameboy) was the first Gameboy Nintendo ever released.
The Gameboy I had was in a not so good condition.
The big problem was that the speaker was not working properly, it only made weird noises.
I just tried to repair the speaker and it worked fairly good.

I recorded these files with my phone (not the best quality)

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Step 1: Tools

List of tools:

Tri Wing screwdriver (I used a torx because i dont had one).

Phillips screwdriver



Step 2: Taking It Apart

The second step is to remove the back cover of the DMG. There are six screws, they are either going to be triwing or phillips. If you don’t want to spend money on a triwing driver, you can do what I did and use a small flathead or torx. It’s not too difficult, but you definitely want to be careful . There are four obvious ones on the back of the Gameboy and two inside the battery compartment. You’ll need to remove all of these. Once you take those screws out, don’t pull the Gameboy apart quickly. There’s a fairly short ribbon connector connecting the screen half of the Gameboy to the circuitry half. Carefully hinge it so the screen half is facing down on your desk with the circuitry portion sticking vertically upward. Now at this point you disconnect the ribbon cable it’s a ZIF socket, so the connector just slides out.

Step 3: Removing the Circuit Board

Next, you have to remove ten screws holding the display board onto the front case.

Remove these ten screws, and gently wiggle the board away from the case. Don’t be too violent here.

Step 4: Repair the Speaker

Use The Flathead driver to press out the diaphragm. Now tap on the back of the speaker the voice coil should come out. If not: Use the tweezer. If you are done with that put a bit of superglue on the diaphragm. Put on the voice coil and wait until the glue is hardened. After the glue has dried put Superglue on the back Part of the speaker, put back the diaphragm with the voice coil. Put something onto the back of the speaker and lay it with the front on the table. Again you have to wait until the glue is hardened.

Step 5: Put the Game Boy Back Together

Next, you have to put in the ten screws holding the display board onto the front case.
Tighten those ten screws, again don’t be too violent here. Plug back in the ribbon Connector and screw everything back together.

I hope you liked it - thanks for reading!

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    4 Discussions


    The repair section of this doesn't make much sense. How are you advising to repair the speaker? It just sounds like you're gluing everything.

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    After I accidentally dropped my Gameboy it only made those weird sounds so I took it apart and looked for the problem. The problem was that the adhesive that connected the coil and the diaphragm broke off.

    I repaird it by gluing the voice coil back on the diaphragm.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh ok that makes a little more sense, you don't really describe what it is you're actually gluing. I didn't realise the coil is suspended from the plastic diaphragm. Thanks for clarifying. Should probably update that in the writeup :-)


    5 years ago

    Wow, this is really handy! Thanks for the info. I didn't particularly want to take my GB to the local game store. They'd rip me off xD