How to Repair Your Dog Disc After Bite




First of all, sorry if the grammar is not perfect, my English is basic. :)

It's a small (my first) instructable about how to repair your dog disc. Not the best key, better if you buy a new one, but it's more budget priced and you can use your disc without injury (your hand and your dog's mouth too) because it's sharp.

Step 1: After the Practice...

On the pictures you can see the before estate. It's a one week old disc. Unfortunately our dog is punching... I know that we can buy puncture resistant disc and we have of course, but we cannot racing with it, only in freestyle, and  the puncture resistant is more heavyweight, so we need this type of discs too.

What you need:
-your disc
-your hands :)
- (teaspoon)
-disc killer dog :)

Step 2: Smelting

First you must fuse the disc for two or three seconds with the lighter, where the deformation is. When it gets mellow, push back the parts to the original place. BUT BE CAREFUL THE PLASTIC IS HOT! You can use a teaspoon to push back the nibbled out parts. 

Step 3: Why Don't Sanding?

It's more better than you sanding the sharp edges, because if you use emery-paper, or emery-cloth, the disc will be more lightweight with every reparation!

Good Luck!



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