How to Replace the White LED From Your Keychain Flashlight With a RGB LED.

Introduction: How to Replace the White LED From Your Keychain Flashlight With a RGB LED.

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In this simple instructable I am going to teach you how to replace the white LED from your keychain flashlight with a RGB LED. A RGB LED is a red, green, blue LED combined into one LED. You can replace it with any color but I think RGB is the best of because it is always changing.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

10mm RGB self cycling LED-About 50 cents
The LED I have is a 10mm RGB self cycling LED. I bought these from Ebay (Top Bright)but you should be able to find else where. You have to make sure they are self cycling LEDs. This means the LEDs with cycle through all of the colors by them selves with out having to have an additional controller.
Keychain Light
The Key chain I am replacing is from Deal Here is a link to the keychains. They are pretty cheap. Only $4.68 for 10.

If you want to buy the keychains and give me a referral credit that would be nice. Just click this link. Please don't consider this spam and don't feel obligated too click on it. Just trying to get some credit for my instructable. Thanks
Wire cutters or something capable of clipping the LEDs legs. I used my MAKE: Warranty Voider - Leatherman "Squirt" E4 (electronics version) Pocket multitool. (BTW this is the best Mulitool I have ever owned!!!)

Small Screw Driver-Any will work as long as it fits the screw.

Step 2: Disassemble the Light

The first thing you have to do is disassemble the keychain. It is pretty easy to do. Just remove the screws from the keychain on the back and pry it open.

Step 3: Insert LED

The Next thing you have to do is take out the batteries and and white LED. In this case the shorter Leg of the white LED is the anode (Positive) is the Longer leg is the cathode (Negative). Your RGB LED should be the Opposite. So first cut away the anode of the RGB LED slightly longer than the Anode of the White LED. Then do the same for the cathode. You have to make the RGB LED's legs slightly longer than the original white LED's legs so that it fits correctly in the case.Then slide the RGB LED into the case, make sure it lights up and then put the screws back in.

Step 4: You're Done!

Your Done. Now what can you do with it? Well you can use it as a normal flashlight, mood light, or take really cool long exposure pictures with it.
Thanks for reading!
Joe R
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    im looking on ebay and im stuck on something.
    what is the difference between


    do the second ones cycle through the colors too?

    and im looking at 5mm bulbs because you said the 5mm ones work better, correct?

    Sure. I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from them. It takes a while to ship but it is a good deal.

    remember, the stuff comes from Hong Kong, and shipping takes a while. if you only need 1 of something RS still might be best

    Drop shipping seems to make it a bit quicker - if you don't know what i mean click on top sellers at the top of the website and "Drop Shipment and Gift Service (Removes DX logo from package)" should be the first one its one cent just add it to all of your orders and they should get through customs much quicker once they are actually sent (usually cuts a week or two off the shipping time for me :D)

    Yes it certainly can, its a bloody awesome site dealextreme. The only problem is they can take a while to ship sometimes so don't be worried if your order takes a while to get to you.

    I've bought a lot of stuff from them and only had one problem. I bought the more expensive led keychain and had to wait a couple a couple of weeks because they were back ordered.

    So, the Done that you refer to in Step four is mine when I've completed the instructable? That's pretty cool.

    6 replies

    That was my "nice" way of correcting your grammar. Your --> Belonging to you. As in this is your instructable. You're --> Short for you are, as in You're done.