How to Replace Your Brake Pads




Introduction: How to Replace Your Brake Pads

This is a step-by-step instruction on how to replace your old brake pads.

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Step 1: Gather All Materials Needed.

  • Car Jack
  • Hammer
  • Socket wrench
  • Clamps
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Lug wrench
  • New brake pads

Step 2: Take Off the Tire.

The tools necessary to take off the tire is usually located in the trunk of the vehicle with the spare tire.

Take the lug screwdriver and remove the lug nut by rotating counterclockwise. When doing each nut, don't unscrew the nut closest to the nut that was loosened. Unscrew the nut that is across. Make sure you take the lug nuts off before jacking up the tire because it'll be harder if not.

Step 3: Use the Car Jack to Lift the Car So That the Tire Is Not Touching the Ground.

(note: instructions on how to use the car jack are located on the tool).

Step 4: Next Take the Tire Off.

Step 5: Remove the Bake Caliper.

The brake caliper is what holds your brakes to your rotor to slow down a vehicle.

Located in the back of the caliper are the slide pins, that's what the caliper rides on. Take the socket wrench and remove the slide pins.

Step 6: Support the Caliper So That Its Not Suspending.

Once both of the slide pins are out, take a wire hanger to support the caliper because you do not want the caliper to hang on the brake wires.

Step 7: Take Out the Old Brake Pads.

Next remove the old brake pads. Use the flat head screwdriver to remove the pads if they're to difficult to take off with your hands.

Step 8: Remove the Brake Cap.

Before moving to the next step, you need to remove the cap for the brake fluid to ensure that no brake fluid overflows the reservoir.

Step 9: Compress the Pistons.

Since the new brake pads are bigger, the caliper needs to be compressed. So take the c-clamp to compress the pistons.

Step 10: Add Grease

There multiple brands of grease you could use. Apply the grease to the slide pins, and the piston.

Step 11: Put the New Brake Pads In

Place the new brake pads on the rotor. If its a little hard to put in, use some grease on the top of the tip and the bottom tip.

Step 12: Put the Caliper On

Now that the brake pads are on the rotor, put the caliper on.

Step 13: Use the Socket Wrench to Screw the Caliper Back On.

Step 14: Step 14: Brake Fluid Cap

Don't forget to put the cap back on.

Step 15: Put the Tire On, Put the Car Down

Now that the brake pads are replaced, put the tire back on. Put the lug nuts on screw it with your hands, do not tighten it lug screw until the car is put down from the jack.

Step 16: Tighten the Tire and Your Done

Once the vehicle is down, take the lug screwdriver and turn the lug nuts clockwise to tighten it.

With this done, you have finished replacing your brake pads.

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