How to Rescue a Stinky T-shirt (Coping With Strong Body Odor)





Introduction: How to Rescue a Stinky T-shirt (Coping With Strong Body Odor)

This is my first instructable and I apologize if my instructions are not too clear cause maybe my english is not good enough.

This instructable is about transforming a T-shirt that is affected by a strong body odor, so you can use it again without worrying about it.

I´m sure there are others like me that suffer from a strong body odor ( no matter how much we take a shower everyday and wash our clothes with like 1000 different products) and have some clothing they can´t use anymore, well we are gonna rescue all those clothes that sometimes are our favorite.

What you need:

1 stinky T-shirt you don´t dare wearing anymore.
Thread the colour of your T-shirt

Step 1: Cut, Cut, Cut

First you have to put your shirt in a flat surface.
Now cut of both sleeves. Make sure your scissors are sharp enough.

Step 2: Cut Some More

Now you are gonna need the fabric from the sleeves to cut two stripes.

Step 3: Now a Little Bit of Sewing

Now you have to sew this strips around the "straps" of your new top. This is to prevent it from looking too big for you, which happens to me when I cut off the sleeves of a shirt.

You have to do this in both straps and you can do it in the back if you want.

Step 4: Wear It

Now you can wear it again, it wont have that body odor cause by cutting the sleeves you got rid of it!!!.

I hope you find this instructable useful and please leave your comments.



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    16 Discussions

    I wish I saw this a week ago when I finally tossed another cute t-shirt. At least I have an (easy!) idea for next time- thanks! I don't know what it is - I read the other posts, but I also find that a few shirts (certainly not all) keep oder despite intense treatments with vinegar, baking soda, double soap, Vanish, Oxyclean, etc. I wonder if it is not something in the way the fabric is treated at the factory since not all shirts end up like this, but I wear them all.

    Have you tried using white (plain distilled) vinegar instead of fabric softener?
    I used to do that when I worked with smokers and it got rid of the smoke smell

    Nice onstructable! I am not sure if i use the correct word in english, bus i also use sodacrystals or Natriumcarbonate (Na2CO3) for shirts that are beyond rescue by laundry. 1 tbsp of soda in a bucket of hot water and leave your stinky shirt soaking for the night, next day all the smell is gone. Yaay!

    I'm pretty sure my clothes don't smell but this is a cute idea regardless.

    I have found that soaking something in vinegar - the plain white kind - helps get rid of odors. It neutralizes the smell of cat pee so it might help with body odor. Also eating parsley (more than a sprig) can help with body odor too. But, your shirt saver is way cool! Thanks!

    but.. if tshirt is smelly cant you just wash it?? my shirts/shorts that i take on 14km runs.. and reuse the next day(hey if i dont get two goes out of them id be washing like every second day, just for my shirts!) seem to be just fine if i give it a wash.. even when its been sitting outside for a week cause i left it there to dry so it didnt go into the wash basket wet and forgot about it. ;-) suppose cutting the sleeves off and turning it into a strap top (or whatever) is always another option... but being a guy yeah i think ill just stick to washing :P

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    Every person´s body odor is different, It doesn´t matter how many times I wash them, some fabrics still smell. And I do bathe everyday! I guess that´s because I live in SUNNY México LOL. Yeah being a guy this instructable is absolutely useless. You are lucky you can just wash them.I guess I´ll have to think about a way for guys to rescue their T-shirts too. Mhh... comments are sometimes inspiring.

    Hm - I've yet to encounter a stinky T-shirt that the laundry machine couldn't handle, but if I did, ~~I would stay far away from that person~~ this looks like a nice design... ;-)

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    very nice! I've actually had to stop wearing one of my favorite shirts because it's form fitting (thus doesn't ventilate as well like baggy tees), and the armpit areas have gotten white from deodorant and the smell kind of went with it. =( Rest the of shirt is just dandy, but those damn pits...

    hey you got featured on your first instructable !