How to Restore the Urinating Standing Position Without Being a Jerk With Others...Make Your Own Small Urinal

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for a while now, when I was enjoying musics at an open air. I noticed how useful was the mobile toilets that were found at almost every corners. I remember also that once I saw a mobile toilet with a separated urinal on the side.

I found this at the same time very clever and respectful of the people sitting for the same kind of busyness.

Since when you live with others, and you want to be respectfull, you maybe sit or not but you find another way...

Here I want to propose a useful alternative to those who like standing for this busyness without being called a jerk...


So here it goes.


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I want to say I used a snapshot from a photo of Manneken Pis which was indicated as free of copyright. I changed the design and used the Gimp 2.8 on it to add a cartoon effect.If you are the author of the mannekenpis original pic I can add your name here below. Not a big deal to me.

Step 1: Step 1: Inventory

- a PET bottle with a large neck and a large width

-a waterproof pen


-drilling machine and bits (half a cm and 1 cm)

-tubing (1 cm diameter) silicon or plastic one for the garden.

-succion caps (you can find some very useful by the famous swedish furniture company)

-Spray paint (metallic colour is nice! but this is up to you)

Step 2: Step 2: Cut the PET Bottle to Get a Urinal Like Opening

-there you must draw lines to guide you when you will cut the PET bottle with the aid of the scissors.

Step 3: Step 3: Tubing and Sealing

There you have to estimate the length of the tubing you need approximately. The urinal must be placed close to the toilet so I used less than 1 meter, maybe you will need more

As the liquid must allways flow downwards, you need to have a continuous slope at least 10° (10 cm for 1 meter length).

-Drill a hole in the bottle cap with the drilling machine slightly smaller than the tubing outter diameter

-make the tubing through the drilled hole (it must almost fit) just 1or 2 millimeter

-Apply then sealing glue to make it like "funnel" so that no liquid stay in this place

Step 4: Step 4: Place the Suction Caps and Set It to the Right Position

-Once the sealing glue has dried and ready to use (no liquid can flow except through the tubing) you can drill 3 holes like depicted in the above picture.

those holes must be smaller than the suction cap connection bits

-place the suction caps at the given locations. As it must fit and be tight at the same time you must have forced to make them there.


-Locate the right place for the urinal and estimate the optimal height: it is a few inches below your belt level.

Try to place the tubing sothat you obtain the right path (from the bottle neck, below the WC sit and a few cm below in the sink, and Allways a slope it must go downwards!)

-You may notice that it can be tedious to urinate like that? This is because you are too close to the wall.

So a solution is to build a spacer from another PET bottle, this spacer would bear the suction caps and will carry the urinal.

This works better with squarre shaped bottles like the one used here

Step 5: Optional Step 4: Add a Spacer

on the left part you see how the tubing must look like.

On the right how the spacer is set up.

This is also shown as the following

wall -- suction caps -- Spacer made of a first square shaped bottle -- Urinal made out a second square shaped bottle

The connection between the two square shaped bottles is given on the lower left part of picture. This will do the work

Step 6: Step 5: Make It Shine!

A metallic look is nicer than having a transparent bottle.

I sprayed it with a gold colour metallic spray.

It works quite well.

Assemble everything, do not forget to put another bottle with water on the top of the toilet bench. You need to rince after each usage, quarter a liter of water with some drops of toilet cleaning medium must be sufficient.

That's all folks!



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