How to Reuse a Towel Into Great Warm Slippers



May be you have an old towel that you don't use it anymore but you don't want to get rid off it, or may be it is not so old but your dog tore a part of it? OK you can use it to make a great pair of warm slippers.



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Step 1: Measure You Foot Size

 For this step I used a thong to measure the size I wanted for my slippers. 
I used a foam sheet because I can use pins to cut the towel then.

Step 2: Cutting the Parts

Choose the part of the towel you want to cut. 
With the same foam cut both parts turning the foam to make the other silhouette.


Step 3:

 Using the foam sheet cut another two parts but 1 inch bigger.

Step 4:

 Take the big one and cut a straight line like is showed in the photo.

Step 5: Sewing Parts

 Now start sewing from the tip (where goes toes) to the back. Sew half part and then the other half.

When you do that, it will be extra parts that you need to cut... or may be you could use them to create another design. ;)

Step 6:

 Sew the back.

Sew borders.

Add some nice ornament.

Step 7: Final

Do the same with the other slipper... and you are ready to be comfortable, and the best is it keeps warm my feet. =)

Note: I was tired when I finished them so I put the button in the same side... I think is fun but I prefer to change it and sew the left one to the left...

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