How to Roll Back to Any Previous Version of the Apps in Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Cc

Introduction: How to Roll Back to Any Previous Version of the Apps in Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Cc

Another little how to that I have published in my blog

Well. It seems as if having a subscription based model has made Adobe stop the Beta Testing program and lately they seem to be having issues releasing new versions of their apps without proper testing and the apps being either not very nicely welcomed or plain buggy.

First it was Lightroom and its previous update which changed the import window to something new, but lacking some of the features that professionals were used to, but the worst part is how it made importing files slow, very slow. I just put up with it and let it slip. After all Adobe was quite quick in admitting that they were wrong and promised to bring back the import panel with the next update, which they did.

Now the have done it again, releasing a new version of Photoshop which changes a bit the visual look of the program, but the real problem here is that they managed to break one of the oldest filters they have in the program. Liquify.

Now every time you try to apply Liquify in a 16-bit image it creates a square with a lighter colour around it when you go back to the main Photoshop envroment.

The workaround they offered me was to press the ALT key (option for all those using fruit boxes) when clicking Liquify to go into the filter window with graphics acceleration disabled. The problem here is that every time I do that in my laptop photoshop crashes.

Yes I know. I am still using a 2011 laptop but I can assure you that it is still capable. Even though its GTX570M is looking a bit long in the tooth these days.

My solution and what many people may find easier is to roll back to the previous version of Photoshop, but it is not very clear how to do that in the CC dashboard.

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Step 1:

Well the procedure is not that hard. And it is as follows

Open the creative cloud dashboard and go to the "apps" tab.

Step 2:

Then scroll down to the "Find additional apps" section and change the drop down menu on the right from "all apps" to "View Previous Versions"

Step 3:

Once you select that you will see the list of all the applications and is you click on the arrow next to "install" it will open a menu showing the available versions of each app. Select the one you want to install and that is it.

You are able to hopefully keep working normally until Adobe fixes its bugs.

Any comments or suggestions below please.

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