How to Ruin a Beautiful Art Piece With Childish Behavior

How do you take a beautiful art piece and inject it with awesomeness?  easy dig into a bunch of old toys of course.

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Step 1: ... the Childish Behavior Part of the Job

materials needed:

1 Beautiful art piece ( thanx Rebekka for the beautiful art piece )
1 Dinosaur
1 bag of army men
1 lighter
1 really bad sense of humor

Step 2: Rough Layout of Ones Artistic Vision

hack up your army men, and layout out your vision for maximum carnage.  Don't forget to burn up and melt some of your stuff – for the realism effect.

Step 3: ... Ignore All Postings

like the title says - ignore all postings.

Step 4: ... the Horror ... the .. Horror

place your vision onto the artwork and laugh loudly – til Rebekka see's it and whoops ya …..

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