How to Run Debian on Galileo Board.




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Galileo is Intel 's Arduino board,but if only use it as a arduino board,it is too


I am a debian fans,so let us run debian on it!

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Step 1: Download Galileo Debian Raw File

download Debian raw file from galileodebian peoject:

Step 2: Download Rawrite Tools and Write File to Sd Card

download rawrite tool from :

use rawrite tool to write Galileo debian raw file to sd.

find a linux pc and use gparted expand the filesystem.

Step 3: Update Galileo Board Firmware

read the page:

update galileo board firmware

all files can dowload from

Step 4: Boot and Connect

Insert the sd card to galileo.

Connect the ethernet wire to a router, and find the ip of your galileo by the dhcp client information.

now ,we got the IP address.

then,let us use ssh tool like putty to connect the galileo board.

now, login use account "root" with password "root".

Everything is OK!

Enjoy your aptitude update now!

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