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Hello cool knex13 here. Have you got a iPod touch or a iPhone. Don't just hate it when you run out of battery fast well I will show you 14 great battery tips.

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Step 1: Closing Down Apps

1. What most people don't know is that when you go off a app the app is still running. This will use more energy.

To get to the place that shows you whats running, double click the home button. When you have done that you will see an extra set of apps.
Then hold down on one of the apps until it starts to wiggle.
Then press the (-) button to fully close down the app. (Down worry this dose not delete the app)
Close down every app to save more battery.

Step 2: Airplane Mode

2. This stops phone calls and other stuff.

Tap on the "setting"

Then turn on "airplane mode"

Note: If you do this to your iPhone you will not be able to hear any calls.

You can still use Wi-Fi on airplane mode but if you leave Wi-Fi mode off you will save more battery.

Step 3: Bluetooth

3. Bluetooth is also drains your battery. 

Go to "settings", "General", "Bluetooth".

Then turn Bluetooth off.

Step 4: Brightness

4. This is a huge power save if you follow this step.

Go to "settings", "Brightness"

Then dim the brightness all the way down and then turn off "auto-brightness"

Step 5: 3G (For IPhone)

5. This step if for the iPhone only

Go to "Setting", "General", "Network" then turn off 3G

Step 6: Keeping It Cool

6. Keeping your iPhone/iPod touch cool makes it last longer.

Keep it between 0'C to 35'C (32'F to 95'F)

Step 7: EQ

7. This step helps to save battery.

This step is for the iPod touch
Go to "Settings", "Music", "EQ" then turn off EQ

This step is for the iPhone
Go to "Settings", "iPod", "EQ" then turn EQ off.

Step 8: Saving Power (iPhone)

8. If you are running low on power and you want to save power for phone calls these are the apps you should not go on.


Step 9: Charging

9. It is better to charge your iPhone/iPod touch by the mains because it will charge fully.

Step 10: Power Off

10. This one helps to save battery

Hold the power button until you see "slide to power off" then slide to turn power off.

Note: If you do this you will not be able to hear a phone call.

Step 11: Internet

11. If you are going somewhere that dose not have Wi-Fi then turn your Wi-Fi off.

Go to "Settings", "Wi-Fi" then turn your Wi-Fi off.

Step 12: Battery Life Percentage (Only on IPhone 3GS and 4)

12. Cool trick if you want to know your battery life percentage.

Go to "Settings", "General", "Usage" then turn "Battery Percentage" on.

Step 13: VPN

13. That I know of you can only get VPN of hotspot shield.
The best thing to do is turn it off.
Go to "settings" then turn of VPN 

Info of VPN:
VPN makes American sites work in other coutures.

Step 14: Music

14. When you are listening to music turn your screen off.

Step 15: Other Battery Tips!

Need more tips?

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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Whatever u said i knew that already and is there anymore other feature to save battery life


    3 years ago

    I can't understand I have a iPod touch 5th gen but it doesn't let me show what percentage I have but my friend does have it on his iPod touch 5th gen. If somebody can help please let me know. Thank you

    hey jack

    5 years ago

    Great! I can't wait to use this


    6 years ago

    Cool! Though I tried the thing were u it can show how much percentage u have and it didnt work... I have in iPod 4th gen. Have any ideas?


    7 years ago on Step 10

    I find that the start up takes alot of power so only shut off when you are not using it for extended periods of time.

    1 reply
    cool knex13Wyattr55123

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 10


    but like I say if you are not using it for the night or day it can be a bit better

    Maybe by 15 min extra power

    cool knex13ancaf33

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I am glad it helped! :)

    Also come back again soon because i might have more battery tips!