How to Save Money.

Introduction: How to Save Money.

When it comes to money, not everybody has skill in finance, but there is a few ways to save a few hundred's dollars over time. This Instructable will help you save a few bucks a month and maybe get your finances on track.


1 x Patience

Step 1: Put a Brick in Your Toilet Tank.

When you put a brick in your toilet tank, you take up a bricks worth of water ever flush, which in turn saves you a bunch of money on your water bill.

Step 2: Unplug All Devices Before Vacation.

To save money in your electric bill, unplug all devices, lamps, tv's, toasters etc... When a device is plugged in it doesn't matter if its on or not it will still use a bit of electricity.

Step 3: Save Your Change.

Change might not seem like a lot of money, but over time it really adds up! Just depositing change into a jar every time you make a purchase will add up to over 100$ a year.

Step 4: Use Coupons.

Coupons may seem lame, or may seem like they might not help much, but use them on necessary purchases, it doesn't matter how much something is though, if you don't need it don't spend it.

Step 5: Set a Goal.

Setting a goal in finances or saving up to buy a new couch or saving up to deposit some money in your bank account will make you more proactive to do so. Put aside a couple dollars each paycheck to save up and the money will start piling up.

Step 6: Buy Plane Tickets During Weekdays.

If you need to visit somewhere for a family member or the family really does deserve a vacation even though the cost, buy your plane tickets on weekdays, prices aren't as high on weekdays because most people go to the airport on weekends when they don't have work. Just remember try to take a car instead of a plane if the ride isn't too long, gas is much cheaper than a plane ticket.

Step 7: Don't Buy Something Just Because Its on Sale.

Buying something on sale might help you out finically if you really need the item, but if its on sale and you don't think it will be an important part of your everyday life, don't bother! Saving money when buying something on sale is nice, but it doesn't make for the money you just spent on the item.

Step 8: Don't Shop Hungry.

Shopping hungry can make you feel like you need more food when you really don't. Make sure to shop for food after a meal or anytime when your not hungry so you don't make bad decisions.

Step 9: Try Not to Sacrifice Your Lifestyle for Money.

Even though you like the extra money, it won't be worthwhile if you sit at home doing nothing. Go outside and have some fun in the sun! You won't be spending money but you are doing something that will take up time and won't cost any fees, plus its fun!

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4 years ago

Good tips, especially the one with he brick, I have three siblings, how much money we would save.....and water!