How to Select E Juice for Your E Cigarette


Introduction: How to Select E Juice for Your E Cigarette

Every day more and more people are giving up smoking cigarettes in favour of vaping. Not only are e-cigarettes considerably better for you than toxin-ridden cigarettes but also way more versatile in terms of flavor. However, with so many different e juice flavors to choose from it can be difficult knowing where to start. To give you a helping hand, we’re sharing some of our top tips on how to select e juices for your e cigarette.

Step 1: Selecting a Flavor

Choosing the right flavored e juice for your e cigarette is likely to be a case of trial and error. It’s hard to say if you will like a particular flavor until you actually add it to your e cigarette and give it a go. Having said this, e juices come in a wide range of different flavors, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find one you love.

Some of the most popular e juices are fruit flavored and are perfect for those who enjoy refreshing tastes and scents. For those who prefer something a little sweeter, there is a wide range of dessert blends for you to choose from. With popular flavors including crème brûlée, chocolate and custard, there’s something for every sweet tooth out there!

More recently we have seen a growing demand for coffee flavored e juices. Available in various different blends, they’re ideal for those who usually enjoy a coffee with their morning cigarette.

If you actually enjoy the taste of tobacco then you will be pleased to hear that you can actually buy tobacco flavored e juices from sites like The great thing about these is that they offer the same taste as cigarettes without all of the nasty toxins.

Step 2: Choosing Your Nicotine Strength

Something you may not know about e juices is that they are available in various different nicotine strengths. So when it comes to purchasing e juice, you will need to select a nicotine strength that will satisfy your cravings.

If you’re swapping from smoking to vaping then you’re probably going to need to choose a higher dose of nicotine i.e. 18mg, however if you’ve already managed to cut down on smoking then 12mg or 6mg of nicotine should do just fine. Those who have managed to stop smoking cigarettes completely but still enjoy the act of smoking can simply select nicotine free e juices instead.

Step 3: Adding E Juice to Your E Cigarette

When it comes to purchasing e juice you will also need to think about how you are going to fill up your e cigarette. Some e juices come in little cartridges whereas others come in drip and drop pots. If you want to be able to change your e juice on a regular basis then you are best opting for a pot of e juice that comes with a drip applicator. With these e juices, you’ll simply be able to pick up a few drops and add them to your e cigarette. You’ll have to fill up your e cigarette more often but it’ll give you the opportunity to change the flavour on a daily basis.

Step 4: Conclusion

If you’re ready to give up smoking in favour of a healthier lifestyle, vaping is a step in the right direction. It cuts out the majority of health risks associated with cigarette smoking, whilst still allowing you to get your fix of nicotine. With so many e juice flavors to choose from, we recommend starting out with a couple different flavors and seeing what takes your fancy. Through a process of trial and error, you’ll soon find a few different flavors you love.

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