How to Send Mail Free (no Stamp)





Introduction: How to Send Mail Free (no Stamp)

Heres a simple step you can take if you need to mail something but have no stamp.

Step 1: Simply...

Simply switch the two addresses so that whoever your sending the mail to is in upper left hand corner. This is usually the return address area.

Step 2: Now...

Now just put your address in the middle of the envelope and stick it in your nearerst corner mailbox.
Because there is no stamp, your letter will be returned to sender. Which is actually where you want it to go!



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    1 year ago

    Wow, this is the time we live in when even a simple post on the internet gets turned into a name calling contest.

    You should all feel real proud of yourselves. Bravo. Way to find a way to insult each other on a simple internet post that has nothing to do with what you're talking about. Again, bravo. You continue to find ways to make the intelligent drop their jaws


    1 year ago

    My customer's renter thought this was a cute trick. The first time he did it the letter was "returned for postage" to my customer, so I put a stamp on it and sent it on its way (back to him). The second time I left an envelope for my customer asking for reimbursement for the stamp I used to send the rent check back to the prankster. And his rent was late two months in a row.

    @3967..Wow, jokes on me. I was all set to announce sighting a 'miracle' & something I thought I would never see in my lifetime. A Liberal who not only questioned his position but converted. But it was just an epiphany..for me that is, cuz after a second read- "this left thinking is part of the problem" it was not about being a leftest but about using that side of the brain. I think? I mean..come on. A lib changing his stance- that's gotta be up there with UFO's & Dodo bird stuff. Right?

    No, freeloaders make everyone realize that there are poor among us all. I know that I am wasting my time arguing, but damn it all, we live in a time in which it should all be free anyway.

    On what basis should everything be free? Must anyone work to provide goods and services for others (ranging from food and clothes through to medical care and on up to luxury goods)? If so, are you willing to work some number of hours per week to feed me, my children, or pay for my Lamborghini? (If so, please let me know ;-)

    Do you pay for a Lamborghini? No, to make the world free only requires autonomy. I find that all of the people that are opposed to this (freedom through autonomy) just happen to be either capitalists or the the Neuveau Riche .

    Nouveau riche

    2 years ago

    Doesn't work. I tried it once as a teen and the post office delivered the letter to me with a postage-due envelope. In more recent years, any time I've ever received a letter with insufficient postage, it came with an envelope that read my mailman paid the excess and to leave x-amount in the envelope for him. Happened several times over the years.

    1 reply

    Plus it's illegal, but I figured enough people said that ;)

    Really? This is fraud. It would best to remove this post. That's not going to happen as I see it's been up a long time. If you need 50 cents to mail a letter try "Go Fund Me" or, get a job. :)

    5 replies

    I agree that it is fraud, or some such man-made sin. What I disagree with is your attitude. I do not believe in capitalism. I see that for some, a 50 cent stamp equals less than 1/100,000th of their annual income and for others it equals more than 1,000th of their own. I see men and women paying court fines of $1,000. How is this justice if one person makes more than $100,000 a year and another is living under a bridge?

    I agree on one Point with you but disagree with your attitude :).

    First yes income is not equal spread, second there is injustice spread. But rethink your attitude, justice is a man made concept. You just expect justice as normal state. Justice must be created, its not the normal state of the world. If you expect just to get justice for free well no wonder we have so much injustice. I say this, because one in the past i thought like you until i understood that this left thinking is part of the problem. i you think you are poor an have a disadvantage, the odds getting out of this stage will naturally lower than if you thik you can escape poverty. Its psychology 101, think->speak->act = reality. Its different to tell the hole story in a small comment, but maybe some will think a second. Anway this concept is a funny prank but i think when overdone its gets to the point its a crime. greetings

    I myself behave in a manner in which my fellow humans are my equals... if not in almost every other way, at least economically. I do not actually believe, nor behave as though justice exists at all. You, 3967, have mistaken my writing of words for deeds undone and thoughts unsung. Perhaps you might better ask me for clarification of my meaning than assume that you have understood it all from the brief glance I have lent you. Most autistic persons, like myself, do not make general statements about human behavior that are not well studied.

    As well, crime too is subjective. You speak of crime as though it is derived by nature. Crime, like justice, is a construct of the human mind and has no real meaning beyond the need of the word to benefit the confining social structure of the user.

    Well i can agree that ther definition of crime is man made also, but i understood you first point that you mean justice in a moral-like way not the legal way. When i said crime i mean the defenition of the Legal system. You say you dont make general statements about human behavior but you said in your first sentence that you act like you think they are equals, well being human can be confusing. I dont believe humans are equal, i believe more they are individuals with various degrees of similarity :). Anyway its hard to judge someone out of a comment, so the human way is to make assumtions based on past experiences (which you do too). Thats called interpolation ;D. greetings

    I do not find much, if anything in your last statement to disagree with. In fact, I very much like how you think. I hope that we cross paths again,... soon.

    My local mailman will leave an envelope in your mailbox saying that you forgot your stamp, and explains that he would appreciate if you left 50 cents in the envelope to cover the cost of him putting one on for you.

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