How to Separate Water


Introduction: How to Separate Water

Here's a quick cheap way to get some hydrogen and oxygen.

Step 1: Gather the Items

You will need 2 pencils,a cup,some cardboard,salt,a 9-volt battery,a 9-volt battery connected, and a pencil sharpener.

Step 2: The Pencils

Sharpen both ends of both of your pencils.Try to have the graphite in the pencil as long as you can.Then cut the cardboard so it comfortably fits on top of your cup.

Step 3: Setting It Up

Fill the cup half full with warm water, Mix about 1 teaspoon of salt into the water.Then wrap some of the wire around one end of both the pencils. Attach the other end to the battery. Then you can push the pencils through the cardboard into the water. You will see bubbles around the tip of the pencil.



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    thx a ton i was wondering how to do electrolysis.


    4 years ago

    Does the same work without adding salt?


    4 years ago

    There will also be a certain amount of chlorine gas from the salt.

    The Bubbles are Hydrogen and Oxygen. If you can collect them from each pen seperatly by using pvc-tubes, you can use them for other experiments. e.g. hydrogen has a lower density then air, a balloon would float if it was filled with H.

    ps: oxygen will appear at the positive lead, negative leads to Hydrogen.