How to Service the Transmission on a P38 Range Rover 4.6



Introduction: How to Service the Transmission on a P38 Range Rover 4.6

Tools and Supplies Needed:

10mm socket
Crescent Wrench

Torx wrench T27
Jack Stands

5mm Allen wrench
Funnel or Pump

6-8 quarts of Dex III Transmission Fluid

Transmission Filter Kit
Work Light

Brake Cleaner

Drain Pan

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Step 1: Setup

Park the caron level ground and raise the vehicle to

maximum ride height. Open the tailgate so the vehicle

will not lower back down. Place jack stands under the

vehicle for safety.

Step 2: Draining Fluid

Before removing the drain plug, check that the black

transmission cooler return line is able to be loosened,

but do not remove yet. Next, place drain pan under drain

plug and remove plug. Allow to drain for 5 to 10 minutes.

Then replace plug. Next, move drain pan under transmission

cooler return line and remove line from transmission pan.

Step 3: Removing Transmission Pan and Filter

With socket wrench and 10mm socket, remove the 6 bolts holding

the transmission pan, making sure to support pan when removing

the last 2 bolts. Keep track of where each bolt came from because

of the bracket attached to each bolt. Next, remove pan, gasket,

and filter with Torx T27 wrench. Also, remove the transmission oil

intake pipe from the old filter; you will need to re-use this on the new filter.

Step 4: Cleaning and Prep

Clean transmission pan with brake cleaner making sure

to remove any metal attached to the magnet in the

bottom of pan and check to make sure all parts of the

old gasket are removed. Attach new O-rings to new filter.

Step 5: Reassembly

First, place transmission oil intake pipe on new filter

and attach it to the transmission with the Torx T27 bolts

that were removed with the old filter. Second, place gasket

and transmission pan in place and hand tighten bolts in the

same place that the bolts were removed from. Then,

incrementally tighten bolts in an X-pattern until all bolts

are fully tightened. Lastly, attach transmission oil cooler

return line and tighten.

Step 6: Refill and Checking Fluids

Remove the transmission dipstick from engine compartment

and place funnel into tube that you removed the dipstick from.

Next, start off with placing around 6 quarts of transmission

fluid into transmission and begin checking levels. (It is very

important not to overfill.) Checking the fluid must be done with

engine cold. Start vehicle and let idle. Slowly shift down to first

gear, then back up to park, and check fluids. Repeat this process

until fluid is at the second dot on dipstick.Take the car for a test

drive to insure all is working correctly. Congratulations! You have

successfully serviced your P38, 4.6 Land Rover!

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