How to Set Up a Hookah on the Go

In this instructable i will show you how i set up my tiny hookah when i'm not at home.

Since i don't take all my equipment with me there will be some drawbacks, but you can still enjoy nice flavour and some serious clouds!

I'm not a native speaker, and therefore there will be most likely some errors...

Step 1: The Hookah

Most people say you can't smoke properly with a small hookah, but they are not quite right. The diameter of the parts in which the smoke travels is more important than the size of the hookah. If the diameters are too narrow you will have to take very long hits to get some decent smoke. (Of course a bigger hookah can store more smoke inside the bottom glass and you will most likely get more smoke.)

Step 2: the Hose/pipe/tube/whatever

Don't use tubes like the one shown in the first picture! They have a very narrow diameter and taste like the tobacco you smoked 5 weeks ago. If you dare to clean them with water they will rust and will be a serious risk to you health!

Better use a silicon tube like the one in the second picture. They feature a wider diameter and you can easily wash them with hot water. Therfore they don't have any taste on their own.

Step 3: The Tobacco

The quality of the tobacco is very important when smoking hookah. In some countries you will only get crappy tobacco in local stores (I'm looking at you germany). Good hookah tobacco has to be quite wet! Other quality indicators are the amount of wood and other things inside your tobacco and - of course - the smell. The cut of the tobacco is no quality indicator, it's more like a matter of personal taste.

Once i opened the tobacco I store it in old marmalade glasses.This way i won't get my fingers dirty all the time and you can take it without making a mess.

Do not store the tobacco in direct sunlight, since the molasses will dry!

Step 4: The Bowl/Head

When I'm on the go i don't go for crazy setups. Most of the time I use so called vortex heads as shown in the picture. Since the holes are not at the bottom of the head almost no molasses will mess up your hookah. This is just a personal preference, any other head will do just fine.

The setup shown in the picture is a simple distance setup: You just put you tobacco inside your head loosly, you don't want to use any force!. The second thing you have to keep in mind is the distance. Don't put too much tobacco inside you head, spare the last 1/3 of the head. Since no tobacco will touch the tin foil it is almost impossible to burn the tobacco and you can smoke with your friends without taking care of your hookah head.

Step 5: The Tin Foil

Now you have to put tin foil on you hookah head. Use at least 2 layers to prevent burning your tobacco. Make sure it sits tight before your start making holes. Make small holes where your coal will lie and some "to breathe". I use a needle to make the hole, but you can also do less, but bigger holes.

(i spared the middle of my head, since i use the vortex head shown in the steps before)

Step 6: The Coal

First of all: Don't judge me!

Yes, I use instant coal when I'm on the go. Yes, i know natural coal is better, but they are quite hard to light without any equipment.

When using instant coal you HAVE TO wait until it looks like in the attached picture. It should have a nice white coating. Do not light the coal on your hookah head, use some pliers...

Again: wait untill the coal burnt through!

If you don't wait it will taste disgusting and you will smoke all the chemicals, which can't be good for your health.

Step 7: Some More Heat?

If you feel like the instant coal doesn't provide enough heat you can use a so called wind cover. With the help of a wind cover you can enjoy your hookah even on windy days since your coal will stay in place. As a added bonus it will keep the heat near you hookah head and it will most likely give your session some extra smoking time when your coal is nearly done.

Step 8: Enjoy

If you followed this instructable you should be able to enjoy you hookah for about 40 minutes. If you are using big hookah heads like me, a new coal might give you some more smoking time.

Feel free to ask questions, have a nice day!



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