How to Set Up an Oculus Rift




Required Items:
oculus rift head tracker camera

oculus rift compatible computer

1 oculus rift + included cords. HDMI cord, USB cords

Step 1:

Find and install oculus rift compatible software. Personally I recommend Team Fortress 2, as it is the easiest to find and install, and once the Oculus software is set up, the easiest to enable virtual reality. However, here are some lists of games with Oculus support:

Step 2:

Download Oculus runtime from

Creating an account may be necessary, although doing so is free and easy. Be sure to install the runtime for the OS you are using.

Step 3:

Install Oculus Runtime. Follow the instructions provided by the Install Wizard. When it's done, it should look like the second picture.

Step 4:

Attach oculus USB and HDMI cords to matching ports on your computer.

Step 5:

Mount Oculus camera to screen and plug in mini USB. Attach the other end to your computer through USB port.

Step 6:

Launch Oculus compatible software

Step 7:

In settings, enable virtual reality

Step 8:

Adjust Oculus rift for comfort using knobs on sides. If you are nearsighted, change lenses with alternative lenses.

Step 9:

Wear Oculus rift and play your game.



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    My mother board does not have an onboard video card. Can i still set mine up without it? I only have my gtx-970.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the instructions. These are kind of tricky to set up. I hope we see more Instructables from you in the future!