How to Set Up the Sneaky Wet Sponge Prank!

Introduction: How to Set Up the Sneaky Wet Sponge Prank!

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I love how pranks are a multi purpose tool, you can pretty much find a use for it doing anything. For example in this prank we will use it to get your unsuspecting victim wet.

All you'll pretty much need is a sponge and water.

Have fun

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Step 1: Setting Up the Prank

First things first, prepare the sponge. If you're using a new sponge they usually come sealed in a plastic wrapper if not, just wrap it around regular plastic wrap that you probably have in your kitchen.

* On the top surface cut out a small window.

* Press down on it and start pouring water inside till it can't absorb any more.

(The plastic wrapper will help keep it from leaking)

* Now you can hide it anywhere you want, like a cushion or under a pillow.

Step 2: How It Works

Since this prank very simple to set up, there's not much explanation to what the outcome will be.

The water inside will only come out once weight is put on it, for example if you put it inside a pillow, the pillow will remain dry until someone lays their head on it at which point they will be pretty much squeezing the water right out of the sponge making themselves wet.

Told you it was simple but if you want further instructions, check out this video tutorial. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO!

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