How to Sew a Round Hem

Introduction: How to Sew a Round Hem

Hello everyone

!I am glad to share this technique with you today.

If you have visited my website, you have probably noticed I really like circle skirts. In fact, most of my favorite free patterns are using this technique.

For example, I have used them for the Arizona dress, the Amalia dress and more recently for the Paula dress.

I also love peplum tops. A lot! :) All those hemline projects can be finished by adding a bias tape ( the Peplum top pattern) or by using a narrow edge serger stitch (the Maria Dress pattern).

However, not everybody has a serger or like the idea of the bias tape.That is why I wanted to add this tutorial with a simple way to make a round hem. Here we go : - See more at:

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Step 1: Place Your Sewing Machine Stitch Length in the Highest Number. This Will Make the Fabric to Gather

Step 2: 2. Fold the Edge by 1/2 Inch and Iron Flat

Step 3: 3. Adjust the Gathering Evenly to the Hemline.

Step 4: 4. Use a Zig-zag Stitch to Sew the Edg of the Hemline

Step 5: And It Is Done!

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