How to Sharpen Disposable Razors

"Stropping" a razor is done to clean off sediment and polish your razor. It will also straighten out the blade, make it sharper and significantly prolong the life of the product. Simply swipe it against the surface of some denim jeans in the opposite direction you would normally shave about 10 times. Repeat as needed and put off buying that new razor for a couple weeks :)

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Buy the sensitive skin razors. They are made sharper, I can shave for a month before it is as dull as a new regular blade. Lots of hot water helps make it last longer too.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I tried this, but suddenly my twin blade cartridge did not shave as closely. I might have pressed too hard and bent the edges of the blades slightly. I'll try it again with a lighter pressure after my new cartridge gets dull. I've used paper and brown cardboard for stropping and that works pretty well for knives.

    2 replies

    yea, I would try pressing lightly since you can only straighten the blade out in one direction. It's not like the oldschool barber with the straight edge razor and strip of leather haha. I've never tried cardboard for knives, might give that a try on my gerber

    Takes a while, but it can get them very sharp. As they say, anything that can dullen a knife can also sharpen it (within reason, I suppose).