How to Sheath Dog Tags With Paracord.





Introduction: How to Sheath Dog Tags With Paracord.

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I used to see this as a soldier. It's an easy modification using paracord. 

1. Measure out a piece of paracord as long as your ball chain. 

2. Pull out six inner strands leaving one remaining in the mantle. 

3. Tie a knot in one end of the single strand. 

4. Link the knot into the ball chain clasp. 

5. Thread the chain through the mantle by pulling the strand. 

6. Melt the ends to prevent fraying. 



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3 Discussions

Very cool. This would go well with military dogtags from

Gotta do this. I wear dog tags when I'm out on the bike and in hot weather the chain drives me crazy. Thanks.

Try melting ends while your Not wearing it, less smell of burning hair that way