How to Shoot Rice Out of a Shotgun

Today I will be showing you how to replace the lead shot in your shotgun shell with dry rice.

Now for the reasons why you should NOT do this.
Shooting dry rice may damage your gun.
These modified shells are still extremely dangerous.
Do not point or shoot at any living animal.
These modified shells should be treated as normal shells.
It is very hard to tell the difference between un-modified and modified shells.

This is to be used as a green alternative to shooting lead. For target practice only!


Step 1: Materials

You will need an exacto knife(or other razor sharp, precise cutting tool)
A small flat-head screwdriver(to pry open the top of the shell)
A shotgun shell
Dry rice

Step 2: Opening the Shotgun Shell


With your cutting tool, cut a half circle on the top of the shell.
Press down until you hear the blade hitting metal. Thats how you know you cut all the way through the plastic crimping because the thickness varies.

Now insert your prying tool into the cut you made.
push down on the handle, creating leverage, therefor opening the top of the shell.

Shake the shell over a container and watch as the #6 shot falls out.
Do this until you cannot hear any rattling when the shell is shaken.

if you plan on shooting this shell(which you shouldn't)be sure to get out ALL of the lead shot.

Step 3: Putting the Rice Into the Empty Shell

Now, push the grains of rice into the hole.
This can get boring so be patient.

Periodically shake the cartridge (with your finger over the hole). The less noise it makes, the closer it is to being full.

Step 4: Closing the Hole.

Now push the top until it is sealed again.
Its ok if it's depressed a little more then before the operation.

Congrats, you have successfully(hopefully) modified a shotgun shell to shoot dry rice instead of lethal lead pellets.

Although it is less harmful then lead pellets, it is still extremely dangerous. Do NOT shoot at other people, the rice will likely poke an eye out. and it doesn't matter if you are a world class marksman, the rice will most likely shoot in a very spread out pattern.

The reason why I made this instructable was this can be a very funny prank.
Say theres this person who brags about never letting a deer get away with a shotgun. These shell are sure to put him(or her) into their place.



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    Hey you did it then, nice 'ible, the thing I always wanted to load a shotgun with is legomen's heads though, the hilarity that would ensue, I would shoot it straight up in the middle of town just to see people be showered with the lego heads... err I mean cool 'ible I eat lead shot...

    19 replies

    Yeah that looks about right, maybe I'll get a bigger one... Hmm have you ever got and fired elephant rounds, if your gun is capable of it, they are unholy, 12 gauge, solid round of doom, the only problem is that they kick like a horse because they're so heavy, you can shoot a telegraph pole in half, i can testify to that...

    are you talking about an elephant gun? that's not a shotgun load, it's bigger. like the 585 hyati and other specialty cartridges. rice may or may not damage your shotgun, i'm not sure. I'd try it on 1985 walmart special side by side, but nothing I actually hunted with.


    well, from your description i think the bullet would be atleast 2 times the size of the barrel. but, im sure the elephant gun is illegal nowadays. the only round ive heard people using on elephants was 500 rigby.