How to Silence(at Least a Little) Your Knex Gun



Introduction: How to Silence(at Least a Little) Your Knex Gun

Most knex guns are very loud, because of the ram rod hitting against the body of the gun. To silence it, you must put a cushion between the body and the ram rod. I used bakenbitz's BBKWG gun for tis instrucable. (nice gun)

Step 1: Materials


A knex gun: Find one that's ram rod hits the bullet fully, instead of just touching the edge of the bullet

Step 2: The Cushion

Fold the tissue into a decent size for your gun. If you need help, comment of the problem.
After that, create a hole for the ram rod with your scissors.

Step 3: Tape It On

First, remove the ram rod.
Then tape the cushion on so the hole matches with the hole in the gun.
Tape it down good.
Then you put the ram rod back.
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    26 Discussions

    i did this b4 i did it on a knex mac on youtube i used a cotton ball and some tape and it was silensed it was cool

    nice idea. it would be kool if u made a knex detachable silencer and then put this on the back. it would be a silenced knex gun with a silencer on it.

    1 reply

    Yeah. We can only dream, eh?

    Althought I think you can make this alot easier if you just put oodles of masking tape around the end of the ram that sticks out from the gun (Erm..... The connector piece). That's what I did on the current gun I was working on, and it hardly makes a lot less noise then usual.

     LOL the rating went from 3.10 to 3.11

    i have a better way: Put squishy foam on the back of the gun ( where the pin hits the gun)

    1 reply

    You can also wrap a elastic band around the ram rod just by the connector(s) on the end. That also saves the need to tape the ram.

    2 replies

    Probably lose some power but nice idea !

    hmm, thats a good idea. since the DD-27 was pretty quiet to begin with those mods would make it silent., and perfect for a knex war!!!! lol. i would not reccomenend that you use the spring though, because that will slow down the firing pin before it hits the ammo, thus making for a less powerful gun.