How to Simply Add Wi - Fi to Your Camera


Introduction: How to Simply Add Wi - Fi to Your Camera

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Wouldn`t it be great to send pictures and control your camera via Wi - Fi?

A lot of cameras do not have inbuilt Wi -Fi. Buying a new camera, just because of this, would be very expensive.

We have collected here a few solutions for you. Most are easy to use. The last one works really great and is DIY

Step 1: The Wi - Fi SD Card

These are special SD cards, making it possible to send pictures directly and automatically to your Device.

We use this method in our Photo Booth and it works fine.(

Here are some different varieties, buy it now on ebay.


- easiest method

- cheap in comparison to other methods


- you are not able to control your DSLR with your mobile device

- slow

Step 2: Wlan Adapter

The solutions from Canon and Nikon are working faster. There exist some special adapters to upgrade Wi - Fi to your DSLR.

In my opinion, this is just a solution for professional photographers.


- fast

- easy to use (USB)

- relatively small


- too expensive

Step 3: Camranger

This is a pretty cool device, making it possible to control your Canon and Nikon DSLR via Smartphone. There is even a app, you can use.

Buy one from Amazon:


- a lot of Canon and Nikon DSlRs are supported

- easy to use (via USB)

- you can send pictures as well as control your camera


- expensive

Step 4: DIY Solution - Build a Camranger on Your Own

You can build a cheap cam ranger on your own!

Basically, you just have to buy this router and modify the firmware.



This router has included the same hardware as the Camranger. It is the same!

I found this instructable dealing with the subject, but there are also a lot of tutorials in the web.

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    7 Discussions

    I simply have to make this, if i can find a router cheap enough to make it worth while :)

    4 replies

    It works with TP Link 3040 best, because it is excatly the same hardware like the camranger. Here is a cheap one from ebay:

    The problem is that I'm in the UK, where they are quite a bit more expensive... I'm not 100% sure that it'll work with my camera anyway... the Nikon D3100 isnt the best supported camera around

    I am sure it will work ;) maybe there is another possibility with a ESP8266

    Or the raspberry Pi,
    I know the D3100 can have teathered shooting

    I actually just purchased a Nikon D5300 last night (should be here in a couple of days) and I know that it's WiFi compatable, but I'm not sure to what extent it is. I'm excited to mess with it and possibly get some extended functionality with some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Thank you for the comment! The Nikon D5300 is pretty cool. I think you won`t need a external Wifi device. I am not definitely sure whether it will work with the Nikon app, but with DSLR dashboard, you should be able to control everything you want to. It is very usefull to make long time exposures ;)