How to Slow Down a Pet's Eating




DIY ways to make your pet eat slower (cheap & homemade).

Step 1: Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Put 2 tennis balls into the pet's food bowl (If the tennis balls are too big try one tennis ball, or something smaller, for example, two small bouncy (or ping-pong) balls). If your pet removes the tennis ball(s), then you may want to get a bowl that has raised sections.
  • Put your pet's food into a cupcake pan. For an extra challenge, put some balls over the food in the pan.
  • You could also put pet food into a food puzzle to figure out and receive food from.
  • Try scattering food in a grassy area or around on the floor to make your pet search for the food.

NOTE: I have gotten many of theses ideas off of other websites, this is a compilation of many ideas I've found.



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    Thanks a bunch!! This is my first instructable. I think I did pretty well. Thanks again!!!