How to Solve a Rubik's Cube for the First Time!




The Rubik's cube is a 3D puzzle which invented by Erno Rubik in 1974 and is a very popular puzzle toy found almost at every house around the world! Despite its popularity not many people know how to solve the Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube misjudged as almost impossible which can be solved only by geniuses.
The truth is that solving the Rubik's Cube is completely feasible and even easy and enjoyable!

In this instructable I will teach you How to solve a Rubik's Cube for your first time! So get yourself a scrambled Rubik's Cube and you ready to go!

Some Inspiration:

Like any other puzzle, the Rubik's Cube solved piece by piece, one at a time, meaning every step focuses on solving only few pieces, while preserving the previous steps pieces.

This instructable is a brief description of the Rubik's Cube solution, without the move notations
(see : How to solve a Rubik's Cube guide)

Step 1: The Rubik's Cube Solution

Let's begin with some explanations first: The Rubik's Cube consists of six faces, and nine stickers on each. Every face can turn by itself. There are three different kinds of pieces in the Rubik's Cube: Corners, edges and centers. The Corner and edge can move, while the center pieces keep static (for example, the yellow and white center will always stay against each other and not adjacent. Try it!). For this reason we will move the corners and edges to the center pieces and not opposite.

1) First, Choose a color to begin with (white will be great), then solve the 4 edge pieces of the color you chose to form a '+' shape. Make sure the edge pieces also fit the other center pieces they belong to. (Remember! center pieces cannot move, so you'll have to being the other pieces to them.

Rubik's Cube solution Guide - The Beginner's method solution with animated move notations & algorithms.

Step 2:

2) Solve the four corner pieces of the color you chose, one at a time, and by that actually complete the first layer. Make sure the corner pieces fit the other corner pieces they belong. (See move notations if needed - link added)

3) Complete the middle layer. Solve the 4 edge pieces of the middle, one at a time and by that actually finish the middle layer. Make sure to solve these pieces while preserving the first layer pieces solved. (See move notations if needed - link added)

4) Orient the 4 edge pieces of the last layer to form a '+' shape, like in step 1. For this step, these edge pieces doesn't have to fit the other center pieces, just with the yellow color (the top face color actually- yellow if you chose white at the beginning) (See move notations if needed - link added)

5) Relocate the four corner pieces of the top layer so every corner piece will be in its final location. In step the corner pieces doesn't have to be oriented, meaning the corner pieces can be twisted in their location. Try to preserve previous steps solving while solving. (See move notations if needed - link added)

6) Orient the four corner pieces of the top layer, and completely solve them. Twist the four pieces so their colors will perfectly fit the other center pieces they touch. Only one step to go! Keep going! Try keeping the solved pieces solved, get assistance with the orientation algorithm (See move notations if needed - link added)

7) Last step! Relocate the four edge pieces. They already oriented so relocating them will completely solve them and….. The whole Rubik's Cube! One last effort and you got there! Congratulations!

Congratulations! You completely solved the Rubik's Cube. You belong now to the small group of people who can solve this incredible puzzle. Enjoy puzzling!

The Rubik's Cube solution – algorithms & move notations (with animations!)



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4 years ago on Step 2

while attempting to following this tutorial i actually broke by rubik's cube and put it back together correctally so i would say this was a very helpful tutorial

1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

The video isn't fake. It was lucky solve. I could tell that F2L was really easy, and it was an OLL skip. If you think that is fake, just watch this:


7 years ago on Introduction

I found out how to do so in 1 sec. Use the resetting key~Captain obvious