How to Start a Riot and Execute It in Public (for Fed Up Kids Ages Around 8 to 19)

Introduction: How to Start a Riot and Execute It in Public (for Fed Up Kids Ages Around 8 to 19)

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Ok. You're a kid. And you are really ticked off about something: maybe the way you are treated, your life in general, thay way adults look down on you. I am Goth, and I started (and led) a riot with the Goths and Emos in my school to show everyone how we felt. It was very successful. You are just a kid, too. No one listens to kids, right. So what do you do?

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Step 1: Round Up the Others

Find a whole bunch of other kids in your school or neighborhood or whatever that share the same complaint or concern that you do. Tell them that you are going to start a riot, and that if they are interested your number is blablabla whatever. If they ARE interested, get their number or email or whatever and tell them that you will get them the information when it is ready. Get your friends to spread the word, too. If things go well, you will end up with at least 7 kids or more. I ended up with about 30.

Step 2: Plan What You Are Going to Do

Collaborate with a group of your friends on where to hold it and what to do. Pick a place that most people know, or maybe do it at your school. You usually want some music going on in the backround of your riot. If you want music to be going on during it, then pick a song for the occasion and nominate someone to be the "music keeper." This means that they are in charge of bringing an ipod and a speaker or something, to play the song loud. If you do not want music, then make signs or something. 

Step 3: Send the Message Out

Get the information to all of the other rioters, like time, day, location, etc.



Step 5: End (shoutouts, End of Instructable)

Ok. This is the end of the instructable. To all of my Goth friends: this was for you.  And to my friends Annabella and AK-47: Haymitch approves! Peace out.

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