How to Stay a Sucessful College Student!




Introduction: How to Stay a Sucessful College Student!

Staying focused and succeeding

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Step 1: Attend Every Class.

To first be a successful college student you have to maintain the agenda to go to class each and everyday on time. This is critical in your college career because a student only gets a certain amount of unexcused absentees without their grade being voided, not earning that credit/s hour. So you must attend class everyday unless you are in the hospital on your death bed, you should even attend if you are sick because most times your teacher will acknowledge your change and let you go back home. This is a great benefit to you because you will not miss out on any lessons and will become very knowledgeable to that subject.

Step 2: Time Management.

The next step in your college success is time management because college because that's the part were many college students slip up. When you get to college you will be introduce into a new wave of life that you are not mentally, physically, and emotionally used to. It is in your hands to take this and make a good use of it, because now that you are in college it seems that you are on your own opposed to high school where you knew everything and everyone. Statistics show that majority of college students tend to start failing because of time management, they have no sense to it. A good college student knows how and when something needs to be done, this helps this student stay away from the phrase "catch up". Falling behind and trying to catch up is something you don't want to do the best player practices and stays on top of their game. 

Step 3: Great Study Habits/Skills

Some may come into college with no prior knowledge of studying because either high school didn't teach them the proper way to study, how study at all, or they didn't think it was a necessity. In college studying is very critical to your performance because now its never really about do you know the criteria its how much of it have you mastered? This will help you even though it takes time to master the skill because I know everyone has not. This is 100% effective because when you are studying and becoming more and more exposed to the subject there is no way you can not master it, and forget the important facts.

Step 4: Homework.

Homework is essential in college because its like practice for sports, if you don't practice you wont be good at what you are trying to participate in. It is also critical if you don't complete the homework because it will start to show in your grading and this will start to affect your overall gpa. You want to keep your gpa as high ass you started off because you want to stay at the top of your class so you can be acknowledged as a excellent student and not just a college student.

Step 5: Laying the Foundation Freshman Year.

Laying the foundation your freshman year is very pivotal because trying to catch up in your later years is very hard. Many start to find out that they are failing and try to catch up then . You should always balance out what you are doing so that you wont have to do what most are doing nowadays which is catching up. Your freshman year is the most important year towards your because it is the beginning of your college career you shouldn't have to back track and retake a course that you took your freshman year during your sophomore year.

Step 6: Be Attentive in Every Class.

paying attention in class and attending class is not only different in many ways but it is also, effective in many ways. take this into example a person can attend class every day not take any notes and do work will have a different state of mind from a person who sometimes miss class but when their there paying attention. That person that is paying attention when they are there has a better chance of excelling in that class then the other person. When you are attentive it is like the stuff starts to portray as it was common sense, it will seem as it comes easy to you.

Step 7: Ask Questions?

It is imperative that you are not afraid to ask each and every question that runs through that mind of yours. Never be afraid to ask questions because majority of the times there is someone else in the same predicament that's you are in. Its important that you ask questions because you are here to get the total amount of understanding and how would you be able to do that without asking questions. Questions are essential to you bringing what you have learned at school into the real world and apply it to real life situations also that will help you get the true meaning of that specific thing. Being afraid blocks the gift of you being able to gain the full knowledge of the criteria and actually know how to regurgitate what was just said. This is were I fall short at and not learn what is being taught because I am scared to ask/talk in front of everyone, but I see now no matter what someone will always talk about you. Everyone has their own opinions you have to be careless about what they say and do you because they don pay your tuition.

Step 8: Interacting in & Outside the Classroom.

There are many different ways different people have to use so they will be able to catch on to the lesson faster. Some are audio, visual, and some have to be interactive and do hands on activities so they can obtain more knowledge about the criteria and see how it works in real life. Like me I am a combination of all of them and I can say that being interactive is the biggest one because you actually get to get that hands on experience with it then you'll be able to put it into your own understanding. When you do that you should not encounter any problems with being very knowledgeable about something.

Step 9: Social Life

When you first start attending college your social life will be minimized for a while and that's good because this gives you a great amount of time to establish what type of person you actually are. With you doing this, this also shows how sociable you are with others and is it such a good idea it is for you to interact the new people that are going t be around you now. Your social life is a big factor in you being successful in college because everyone needs that time to talk and interact with others. This also pays of when you graduate from college and will help you in the job field because you will be able to call those that you became friends with and stay connected. The reason you should stay connected is you will be able to use them as references if they become successful like you or even more successful than you.

Step 10: Having a Good/sociable Relationship With Your Teacher.

When it comes down to you and your teacher you are to always have a good relationship with him/her because they are the connection or main point of you graduating. You also should be in good with them because they know what type of person they are so you could receive tips to help you pass. They can also give you tips on what they did to make it through their tough college course, how was their social life in college and how did they manage to stick through college. Teachers are your gateway to success the better you get to know them the better you get to know the class and strategies needed to be used in college.

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    6 years ago

    Very useful, and this advice is good for other subjects too. Too bad college in the states is a rip off


    6 years ago on Step 7

    This ... "Ask Questions" ... is the hint in this series that was the most important for me. So much so that I used to spend time in the hallway outside the prof's office to hear other people's questions.