How to Stop Dented Bottle From Toppling

Introduction: How to Stop Dented Bottle From Toppling

I have been happily using this metal bottle since a year, it's been my saviour during trekking. It has got lots of bruises from frequent falling. It has been developing a dent at the bottom which makes it fall whenever filled with water.

Step 1: Dent Analysis

Now, I have chosen to repair this specific dent which makes my beloved bottle topple.

Step 2: Exploring Materials

To flatten the dented portion, I am thinking of adding some material.

I can put :

1. M-Seal : I've not used because removing it is difficult.

2. Hot Glue : Hot glue gets peeled off from smooth metal surface too easily.

3. Sugru : This stuff should work!

I would be happy if you could add more friendly materials to this small list.

Step 3: Adding Sugru

I used One 5 gram packet of sugru for this.

First, mix sugru in your hands, properly.

Add sugru and press the bottle on a flat surface so that sugru can take a shape to balance the bottle.

To test it, fill it with water and see if the bottle falls!

Step 4: Bottle Doesn't Topple Anymore!

Yeah, this should add a few more years to this bottle's lifespan!

Oh, maybe you can add grips to your bottle for a better feel...Now, I'm finding a solution to carry my bottle on a cycle (without a carrier!).

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