How to Stop Epoxy Tubes Leaking

Here's a tip to stop your tubes of epoxy adhesive leaking and coating the contents of your tool drawer with nasty sticky gunk.

The problem is that the top of the nozzle on the tube is not flat so it does not make a good seal. The solution is to insert a small neoprene o-ring in the cap. I found the size that works is 8mm OD, 6mm ID, 1mm cross-section.

I expected the epoxy to attack the rubber but so far I haven't seen that happen after using one set of o-rings for a year.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This should work for my little tube of sealant in my bike tire repair kit. I always had the problem of them drying out after one repair. There is always a lot left but it dries out so quick, and the little tubes are hard to find by themselves. Thanks!