How to Store Lose Wire





Introduction: How to Store Lose Wire

ever have a large knot of wire that you dont know how to store because the spool is broken ?
well here is the soloution !

Step 1: Tools of the Trade

for this Instructable you will need
1 screwdriver a little bit thicker than the wire
2 a coffee can with lid
3 wire

Step 2: Stab and Stuff

take the driver and poke a hole in the senter of the lid
than stuff the wire into it and send one end of the wire though the hole on the lid

Step 3: Fin

push the cap on and your done!!!!



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    6 Discussions

    That should be loose wire, shouldn't it? Although, in my case, it would be lose wire. I have lost heaps in my room; this should be helpful. Good idea.

    I have some old cloth covered fine wire on a broken spool some is tangled any ideas for that? I think I got it for crystal radios

    1 reply

    That is a great idea. I have A LOT of wires, and I always try to roll it up or something.. very hard. Great job.

    I've been told to do this before, at a Job site. It only works if the Spool is still kosher. If the end of the wire gets pushed through any of the spooled loops you're in for a Knot-in-a-can.

    I am going to make my wife happy by doing this. Sweet Instructable.