How to Super Mod the Nerf Nite Finder

Introduction: How to Super Mod the Nerf Nite Finder

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Hello all nerf fans! In this Instructable you will learn how to "super mod" the Nerf Nite Finder.


After you finish modding the gun, it will shoot very fast and defiantly could take someone's eye out. Please be careful when you are in wars to wear goggles. I am not responsible for the uses you put to this gun, who you kill, murder, manslaugter, mortally wound, blind, or give permanent welt to. Please be careful!!!!!


Step 1: Tools and Supplys Needed

Okay, first lets get what you need to mod the gun.
Road trip to Home Depot!

6 inches of 1/2 inch pvc or cpvc pipe
pipe cutters or some kind of saw
a small phillips screwdriver
thick rubberbands
duct tape

Step 2: Taking It Apart

Okay, Lets begin by taking the gun apart. There are 14 screws that you have to unscrew. use the phillips screwdriver to do this. Then, slowly open case.

Step 3: Taking Apart the Trigger Mech and Modding Spring

In this step we will take apart the trigger mech and loading system and mod the spring.

Step 4: Put It All Back Together

Now that you modded the spring, just simply put everything back the way it was. if you can't do this on your own, then i will post pictures directing you.

Step 5: Adding Rubberbands

Now, to further modifying it you need to add rubberbands to the ram so that it will compress faster. Simple! just loop around the ram and secure to the front of the gun underneath the barrel. Done!

Step 6: Conclusion

Now that you have a modded nerf gun, in fights and on the street people will look up at you like you are in the army. Use your weapon with caution!

Thanks! N-Striker, Celloman



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    ***Attention*** Just to bring to you alls awareness, but this instructable is almost 3 years old! I have no interest at all about nerf guns anymore. Face it, their for 5th graders! I would have deleted this instructable a long time ago, but it is still vary active and I am keeping it up here for you alls sake. have fun with your plastic guns.

    5 replies

    Actually, this instructable was only 2 years and 20 days old at the time of this comment. Not even close to 3 years. By the way, I will have fun with my plastic guns, thank you.

    plastic guns should always be used when shooting cats, parents, sisters, and the neighbor kid, due to real guns making such a big mess...

    i suggest modding it to have a new spring. mine has a 15-20 lb spring i think, and it can go really far with that. i just need to increase accuracy for it. it also has a .22 cal rifle scope attached to it. trust me, it needs it.

    With aftermarket spring, dart fork removal, drilling out the air restrictor, rubber bands, extended 6" cpvp barrel, and lubricant? 113 feet.

    Ya... Normally that's included in an instructable on powering-up Nerf guns...

    Uhhh, you may want to warn people that stretching springs greatly shortens their life span.

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    Well when springs are made they are treated with various methods to help it "spring" back to a predefined length. You screw with that length and the manuafacturing treatments won't help anymore and the spring will degrade rather quickly.

     Not completely. You can greatly increase the life span of a stretched spring by simply blasting it with a blow torch until it's red hot, (or heating it any other way,) then letting it air cool.