How to Survive a Alien Attack!!!!


Introduction: How to Survive a Alien Attack!!!!

In this instructable you will learn how to avoid being captured by a alien.
In step one it show that they carry large weapons and can kill any one at any time.

Step 1:

in this step you will see that aliens can turn into anything as in the picture.

Step 2:

you will always need to carry a door knob on you so you cant be ubducted or probe you

Step 3:

finally the best way to avoid aliens is to never leave your house or your mothers womb



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    the doorknob keeps you stuck to the ground! I know, it saved me from being attacked by aliens!

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    technically, the doorknob will only work if it's silver, as in the picture. this will work as a dimensional anchor, and so alien technology will most likely not work on you. i suggest using something not as large as a doorknob, though.

    well...sort of. it really only helps if the silver is actually touching you, so the metal in the shotgun may or may not conduct the force of the silver to your body.

    made of silver string no thicker than a human hair = win, but only if a girl is wearing them.

    not to be cruel, laddie, but this teaches us absolutely NOTHING!!! what the heck does a doorknob have to do with staying safe? do you chuck it at the aliens and expect them to be knocked unconscious or what? why do you constantly put 2-3 of the same pic, with no notes or whatever? this will not be any help whatsoever to anyone who is trying to avoid being abducted, and I would suggest that you get your facts straight before you post.

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    exactly my point... it is good to have good sources for when you write a book... legitimate sources preferred...