How to Survive a Zombie Attack




O.K., your worried about the zombie apocolypse and you dont know what to do. Well here is a instructable to help you out. So if you are ready lets go.

Step 1: Materiels Part 1

here is a list of materials you need. this is just part 1 so we are just cover food in this one.

ramen- great food. tastes good cooked or dry, plus it never spoiles.
canned foods-never parish but sometimes not all that good tasting.
meat- be carful with this one, it tastes great but can parish over time.
bottled water-better than tap because tap might be spoiled.

So you have your  food, but you may have packed something like,
left over food in the frige,
dont worry about that stuff, get rid of if, it will help  in the long run.

Step 2: Materials Part 2

Here is a list of stuff that you should carry with you or just your clothes. Yes, thats right, your clothes can decide weather you live or not.

cargo pants- usually light weight, strong and a lot of extra room.
tactial vest- provides protection and a lot of pockets to hold stuff.
portable stove- heats up water for ramen and cooks the meat.
frying pan- something to cook the meat and doubles as a weapon.
small pot- for boiling the water.
knee pads and elbow pads- a little bit of protection.
helmet- even more protection.
mask- a paintball or airsoft mask will help from cuts to the face or getting spit in your mouth.
gloves- gives you a better grip.
jacket- a little protection from cuts.
matches or a lighter- helps if you dont have a portable stove.
backpack- the bigger the better. helps if you dont have enough room to carry stuff.
scarf- protects the neck.

This is pretty much the base line for what you need to carry.

Step 3: Weapons Part 1

this is basically knifes and hand tools.

multi tool- its basicly a small pocket knife on steriods.
hand ax- good for choping off heads.
fixed blade- good for cutting rope or slicing and dicing.
hammer- helps to baracade doors and windows, and a good bashing weapon.

These can be basicly any tool from a shovel to a chainsaw. oh, also stay away from swords,they break to easly and to big.

Step 4: Weapons Part 2

So, pretty much guns.

handgun- small, takes clips, easy to fing ammo.
mp5k(or any small automatic weapon)- small, but bigger tack down rate.
m16- this would be the largest automatic you shoud go with.
shotgun- if you can, leave this ang go with the m16.

Now you should be ok with weapons.
tip- dont go full auto all the time, sometimes short bursts will do the job.

Step 5: People You Will Need

you will need a group if you want to get out of this alive.

men- usally great with a gun in their hands.
woman- great at medics and to keep your hopes up.
musclur men- put something heavy in their hands and watch the show.
free runners- great for scouting and geating into restricted areas.
people that have been in a war- they are familiar with these things.
people who street race- if you are in a car, they can get you out of tight places easly.

 Dont get to atached to people if they die or you have to shoot them, you dont want to regret it.

Step 6: Vehicles

here are the things you are going to need to get from place to place.

flatbed  truck- all terain, and the bed can be used to carry suplies or to shoot while on the go.
a bus- great for carring supplies, large amounts of people, and rely hard for a zombie to get into.
tanker truck- you are going to need a lot of gas to get to a safer location.

Anything rugged, will do you fine.

Step 7: Places to Hide

you are going to need a place to stay and collect your thoughts.

appartments- lots of places to hide and zombies will easily get confused.
prison- large place, the cells will keep you away from zombie if they get in and the fence should hold them back.
large neighborhood- its going to take zombies a while to find you.
place in the woods- provides coverage and not a lot of people live out in the woods.

Step 8: Tips

killing-shoot them in the head or bash their heads open.
safe- no place is safe, only safer.
team killing- be willing to kill anyone on your side at all time.
plannig- plan out your movement, estimate were your going to be next.
surround- never be surrounded by zombies,period.
escape- never be surrounded by zombies and not have an escape rout.
spliting up- never split up.
perimeter- set up a perimeter if you can.



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    60 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    and to enjoy the little things.
    holes to poke:
    your suggested buildings include apartments, which violates
    rule 22: When in doubt know your way out.
    also the problem with having a group of people that large is supplies will be an issue, and it encourages the breaking of
    rule 17: don't be a hero
    you want to keep the amount of people rather low, with a maximum of ten people, which allows for five shifts a night without requiring so much sleeping space as to force you to split up or risk yourselves in search of a larger area. Also you should add some sections on trust and good skills that would be needed i.e. if you come upon someone who wants to trade, then first thoroughly examine them to make sure they haven't got a scratch on them, or that they haven't had any recent operations, as the trade in organs was probably diluted with zombie organs or other things at the start of the infection.

    Overall very good though, but if you add a bit more it could be much better

    5 replies

    Lmao, zombie land rocked. Don't forget to not use washrooms too, nothing worse than a zombie catching you with your pants down.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    if that is from the zombie suvival book then i wouldnt know that, i havent read that book. i made this at night, and just used what came to thought


    8 years ago on Step 3

    its me again with this other weird comment.
    swords being breakeable is not what makes them an unaccured choice (when taking a weapon) the biggest problem of swords is that you need to  be either some kind of skilled samuray/ninja/martial art expert or some sort of chuck norris to be able to slice trough zombies and you will need a lot of space to maneuver with it, and space is something zombies will never give you as they'll attack from every direction possible in allmost infinite quanitites.
    (i like your instructable it is so "zombiesh")

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Martial arts don't have anything to do with swords, Chuck Norris only uses his hands and feat & you don't have to be an expert to chop off some ones head.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    thank you for the comment. check ouy my how to kill a werewolf instructable, you may like that one too.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    another weird comment from me.
    that list is too long.
    muscular men is limmited, a bear in human form (an absolutely muscular man) would need to much food to work propperly but if you can satisfie his need for food it will be certainly usefull (and i say need because he may be not really hungry but he needs a lot of nutrition to keep those muscles in the best of the conditions possible).
    women, if there is not a balance between women an men (in quantities) there may be conflicts (figths for love and stuff that are not important in the middle of a zombie outbreak but will happen because that is how our instinct works).
    freeruners, they may be pretty usefull, in most cases they wont need a lot of food unless they are still growing (they are teens),
    street racers, well they are usefull when the town was already empty when Z hour came elseway all streets are crowded with empty cars,they may be usefull when you are not in a big toun so they can drive where there are no buildings or streets.
    war veterans, this may be the most usefull kind of peopple (depending on what they did on war) in some cases thay may be able to organize peopple train others in combat or shooting (or any weapon mastery) and will farsee the food needs of the "clan" (by that i mean the couple of persons you have may be the non-zombies neghbours) as well as they may have contact with the infectocombatants army (who may blow the town anytime so hell be the only one to tell when to run for your lives when zombies are not the most inminent danger)
    and finally men, the most complete and complex set of peopple you could find uninfected in an outbreak you could think stuff like geek sucks they cant do a thing to help us survive, wrong they may have played stuff that may have trained them to study zombies and so "calculate" your chances againts a horde of zombies, you may also think kids are useless they just eat and cry, but remember kids learn fats and can run faster so they can watch some places from afar before the team gets in ther for "gathering resources"
    for all above everykind of person may be trained in weponry you could spetially train some people to be snipers to check places where you go looking for food (malls wallmart etc.) they should set up traps to give you time to run in case zombies get in there before you leave (and traps may be shot to activate or any other kind of control and i say traps because sniping zombies is useless when they are infinite)
    and to stop writing all of above may be FATAL larger groups attrackt more zombies and yet they dont assure survivall enven so if you are in large group it can be divided into small "cells" semi independant, they help each other as if they where one but can run in oposite directions to have more chances of survival.

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    tillo, if you ask me, the list has too many people full stop. the logical thing to have is military personel (strategy and weapons expertise), logistists (logistics (getting from point a to point b efficiently)), medical personel (obvious) and various other skills (cooking, combat, etc.) the majority of these should remain in a base, in fact, i don't even know why mastermind didn't put that near the start. and you're right. too many people will be a hinderence not a help. rations would run out too quickly, as would ammo, medicine, etc. and also zombies can smell the difference between living and dead, so more ppl would attract bigger hordes.

    Read Max Brook's Zombie survival Guide he says no automatic weapons, no baggy clothes no back packs unless your on the run, as for food perfect choice Ramen all the way! :)

    Failure, just read the guide. And avoid the m16 at ALL costs. Pick up a Kalashnikova or an M1 Carbine or just stick with a machete or crowbar.

    4 replies

    i dont know why people hate m16s so much my m4 has jammed on me once in my life after i shot hundreds of blanks (blanks are very dirty) without cleaning it or oiling it for like a week the only thing you need to do to prevent jams is take a rag with you and give it a good wipe down after youve been firing for a few days....

    I don't think you've read the guide. The M16's gas impingement system is extremely complicated versus an AK47's piston system. In the field with both zombies and humans hostiles firing shots at you, you don't want something complicated. The Kalashnikova's stock and bayonet are also built for extreme CQC environments, where cracking skulls is a very real possibility. The polymer stock on the M16 family of rifles is not built for sustained hitting. I'm not going to say I've been through basic training, because I haven't, I'm only 16, but I've seen BT on the TV, and even in that, I saw a trainee in the background crack the stock on his 16. I'm not bashing on the M16 family, I personally love the rifles, but I would want something more built for super-rough battle environments.

    touche for the simplicity and maybe m16 stocks are weak I duno they are sort of hollow and I've never really used an m16 but someone I know closed the stock of his m4 in a stryker and it didn't crack but i think you may have gotten me wrong I'm not saying the m16 family would be better for a zombie situation I was just defending the reliability of it. I also think the fact that the us is still using that family says something about the quality of them and considering they have been used it super rough battle environments I'd say they are ok. I also think that arguing AK vs AR is kinda pointless they are both amazing weapons and I think I would probably actually choose an ak47 for a zombie type situation more because I feel like it would be easier to hunt with the bigger round however that is also another thing to consider is that the rounds and magazine and weapon itself weighs more. sorry it took a bit for this response I was without internet for a while because of moving.

    And I am not at all bashing on the M16s, every weapon has it's flaws. The Kalashnikovas are very inaccurate, has ridiculous recoil, and are only effective to ~300 metres (although that is the design philosophy). The M16 has reasonably low recoil, even in "Rock-and-Roll" mode, is effective to 500 metres, and is surprisingly accurate for a 55-grain round. Some guys even claim first-round hits at ranges in excess of 750 metres. I love both weapons, and honestly, there is almost no difference in the kinetic energy delivered upon impact with the target, the only difference being that the 7.62x39mm has higher momentum. Bigger round, lower velocity. 5.56x45mm is a light round with high velocity and momentum that is not really designed to penetrate materials, but is designed to "tumble" upon impact, shredding the insides of a target in a similar fashion to a hollowpoint round, which are banned due to the Geneva Convention.

    I don't deny the M16 as an excellent firearm. I endorse it.