How to Survive in MULTIPLAYER Minecraft

Surviving minecraft is easy if you're playing single player , but in a multiplayer server , it's totally different . It's not HARDER , the rules are different . In single player , you can burn a forest and make it flat , then build your mansion , but in multiplayer servers , fire spread is disabled . Same with many other stuff .

This guide will help you survive in ONLINE minecraft .

Your main enemies in single-player are mobs and the worst ones are the creepy creepers . Your main enemies in multiple-player are other players and the worst ones are the greedy griefers :D

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Step 1: 1- Find the Right Biome

A FOREST is a good biome in single-player but not a good one in multi-player . Same with a mushroom island or etc. So what biome is the best choice in online minecraft ? The answer is PLAINS / SAVANNA . Jungle and forests are bad , same with roofed forests and all other similar stuff . Extreme hills , on the other hand , is good in multiplayer but plains / savanna is better . Mesa and icy biomes are also good . But plains are very common and can be found easily . Desert is also a great biome , only if it's near a river or source of water (desert well , ocean , etc.)

SWAMPLAND is another great biome . Almost as good as plains and savanna , maybe even better , but it's not good for a new player because you need long-range weapons to fight those witches ! (i.e , Bows , (other stuff added with mods such as crossbows and blowguns , cannons , etc.) , dispensers armed with good stuff (preferably fireballs) , TNT cannons (not as long-range as dispenser weaponry but the fact that they shoot explosive TNTs makes them awesome ! )

So , if you're a new player , search for a "plains" biome , or a savanna . When you found one , go to next step . But if it's night , just do /sethome OR /esethome (try both) and then type /spawn . wait 7.5 minutes or just close the game and return later .

Step 2: 2- Find the Right Spot

After you found your biome , you must find "the spot" , where you'll make your house . It's best to find all borders of your biome . The best combination is a plains , near a taiga , near an ocean / river and preferably a mountain nearby . But that cannot be found easily . Just focus on the plains part :D Now , you must start gathering materials . Gather at least 16 wood logs , 6 sand blocks , at least a stack of dirt or two (OR wood planks) . Cut as many flowers and grass as you can , and if you see any mushrooms , cut it . same with sugar cane . Because trees are rare in plains , gather at least 1-2 saplings . Break as many grass as you can . You NEED those seeds in the grass . Now it's time to find our perfect place to put our very first block :)

1- get close to water . as close as you can . You don't have buckets and need a farm , and it's better to have your farm near your house . because of that , get close to water .

2- get away from cave entries . Zombies and skeletons will hide there to stop burning and you don't want an ambush when you don't have any stuff .

3- hide your house . I recommend you to dig down and make your house , just 1-2 blocks higher than ground level and that's for placing windows .

4- salvage everything . Pick any item you find on the ground even if it's not yours . Beware of traps , though .

5- if you see a player , hide . It might be a griefer or someone who wants to steal your stuff ! You don't have funds to protect your house at the beginning so don't let others find it .

6- dont stick your house to other players' houses ! You may get griefed !

7- MAKE TRAPS . make traps and put hoppers at the end (protect them . Do not make an unprotected trap , or do not protect traps before your house ! put hoppers at the end of falling traps or etc to gather loot . You can also put hoppers on ground level and put signs near it and ask for stuff :D

8- Never teleport to someone unless you know him . Same with accepting teleport requests .

9- As soon as you have money (from work or whatever ( IN GAME MONEY)) buy potatoes and mellons . And make animal pens and gather animals or buy spawn eggs from shop (if you're buying , buy cow / mooshroom )

Step 3: 3- Build Your House !

step 1- dig a 5x5 in a flat area

step 2- make it 2 block deep , but then put 1 block inside it near the walls for a staircase or dig 1x1x1 near it as staircase

step 3- dig 3x5 again .

(look at picture)

step 4 - place torches . 3 is enough for this house .

step 5 - make it like the picture (add 1 block thick line near the place you dug . dig 1x1x1 near the staircase to make it possible to place a door .

step 6 - plant saplings around your house , both for having wood and hiding your house .

step 7- place a door . you can put a sign on the block that is top of the door , and write [Private] (next line ,) Arman5592 or whatever your nickname is (might not work on all servers)

step 8 - make 4 wood planks with 1 log and a crafting table from those 4 planks . Place the crafting table , then make a chest . Now make a wooden pickaxe to start mining but before you go , make 8 sticks from planks . Now gather 8 cobblestone and make a furnace . As a fuel , use planks to "cook" logs . This gives charcoal . If you didn't have torches to do step 4 , now you have !

step 9 - gather stone and make stone equipment . Mine down like a staircase , straight , and when you hear mob sounds , turn . Press F3 and look at Y when you go down . When you reach 37 , stop going down . make a branch and search for iron . Whenever you got iron stuff or just wanted other stuff , go down till 16 or 12 and make your final branch . In 12 , if you search 1h and have good luck , you can find min. 40 iron , 1 stack redstone and 4-5 diamonds .

step 7 - make a little farm near a pond found in plains / savanna , or rivers or oceans .

Always bring friends to help . I made a similar house in a server with my friend . We attacked caves together and mined together . We gathered many cool stuff together , but the server had a "bug" that made our inventory empty . So we lost many of our stuff . And then the server got closed and hasn't opened yet :(

Thanks for reading !

Step 4: BONUS

You've read my instructable and here's a token of my appreciation ! A cool seed that spawns you in a taiga . search a bit and you'll find a plains island near a cool lagoon that has 3-4 rivers connected to it :D

Go to [X = 318 Y = 65 Z = 362] and dig straight down till Y = 14 . A cave that is lit by lava and no mobs spawn .

in the cave , at [X = 318 Y = 12 Z = 351] You will notice 4 diamonds .

1 gold located here [X = 328 Y = 18 Z = 373]

Small lava lake [X = 305 Y = 11 Z = 359]

Small lava lake [X = 322 Y = 11 Z = 394] Much bigger than the previous one . Has lapis lazuli and redstone under it .

Big lava lake [X = 327 Y = 11 Z = 394] Connected to the previous one . bigger but 1 block deep .

Obsidian (lava lake under and small waterfall on top) [X= 316 Y=11 Z = 386]

(Not in previous cave system) Super big lava lake and waterfall , 4 obsidian [X = 262 Y = 11 Z = 313]

There are lots of redstone and iron in the cave too .

Skeleton dungeon [ X = 211 Y = 20 Z = 507]

The seed is 2255638

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