How to Survive the End

this is an instructable on how to survive the end of the world. Including a list and people you should have with you or in your group.

Disclaimer this is my first instructable so please bear with me with these instructions. And forgive me for my errors. Make sure to comment I would love to see your response and your own ideas and plans.

Step 1: Supplies

your supplies are a nesscitey. You need a lot of stuff. But I have a bug in location so I'm not carrying all of this.


First aid

Renewable source of energy

Food non perishable



500ft par cord



Water storage

Walking talkies

Fire starters

This is just a little bit of stuff you will need

Step 2: Shelter (bunker)

shelter is very important it can be used for temporarily or permanently but it has to be hidden so it can't be seen. And has to be large enough for you and your team. And their supplies and yours stuff you will need in it.







The basics are pretty easy.

Step 3: People You Want on Your Team

your team is also important if you want one any ways. they should be by people you trust and know well. and are well trained in their parts on the team.

Leader should control the team but not to cocky

Medic should have medical expirence

Stocker keeps the supplies in check

Weapons expert knows the weapons and is trained in them

Mechanic should be well educated and knows what he is doing

Cook should be able to cook food

Scout able to go ahead and check the surroundings

Support to help around Antoine support when needed

Brains should be smart and able to consult with

Step 4: Plan

your teams plan is also important to keep everybody on track and in there place.

You should have a certain job for everyone like gathering supplies and so on

Step 5: The End

thx for looking and make sure to leave a comment plz



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    3 years ago

    A fair start. Think of simpler technology. Old proven tech is generally more reliable.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thx for your advice I will look in to it