How to Survive to Zombie Invasion




Introduction: How to Survive to Zombie Invasion

Today we will learn how to survive an apocalypse. Due to chemicals, energitical, natural or industrial, when our world falls into mayhem, it is always because of the similar weakness : Mankind. Rapes,acts of barbary, hold-ups... in any of those scenarios, the main danger remains Man.

The following tutorial sticks to many scenarios, and especially against Zombies. It will teach you how to craft an armour to avoid bites.

Step 1: Make Our Weapons

In this first step, we will design weapons to defend ourselves against walkers.


The main notion was to combine a blade and the efficiency of a chainsaw. I use a material called « expanded PVC » (also known as Sintra) in different combinations of thickness, from 2 to 5 millimeters, which I stick with cyanoacrylate glue, brand of Loctite n°401.

As I always do, I first design it on Illustrator. It allows me to print the pattern on A4 sized pages to 1:1 scale.

I carve the different pieces and glue them together. For the stiffening of the blade, I insert 4 mm diameter steel spindles, held in place by hot glue.

I carve my chainsaw's pikes with my jigsaw. A quick use of sandpaper makes it sharp enought to cut out bloody zombies. Add some details as I do : 5 mm PVC screws mak it look awesome. Tip : drill the PVC with a 4 mm broach and screw on to simply create the thread.

The handle is a PVC tube glued by Loctite.


In survival mode, any object can be used as a weapon : a hammer, a wood plank, a pipe. For this tutorial, I designed a dummy one using a PVC tube. I add a bend and a false handle to give the impression it has been withdrawn from a wall.

Step 2: Prepare Our Project

A checklist is necessary to craft the armour. It is important to avoid deadly wounds and bites. Some of these are defensives, some are offensives :

Hands : protecting it with gloves is primordial. When the threat stands right in front of you and you can't use your weapon properly, your future gloves and your close-combat skill can make the difference.

Head : HELMETS ! We will learn how to customize a batting helmet.

Arms : arms are the most bitten part, so protecting and making them offensives is essential

Torso : we will need a very special fabric prevented form tears

Belt : what would Batman be without his utility belt full of gadgets ?

Feet/Calves : Rangers obligatory. No discussion about that. Impermeable soles to crush heads and they hold firm ankles. Best shoes ever for survivors.

Step 3: The Gloves

To craft gloves, once again I use expanded PVC (width 5mm), for the really first layer. Some details are added with thiner PVC (3mm). To reach a more offensive capacity, 4 spikes are added to crush heads without effort. It can be sharpened at anytime. The entire glove will be maintained by leather stripes.

Step 4: The Helmet

Then, we will retrain a baseball helmet.

The eyeshade has been sharpened, allowing headbutts to explode your ennemy's skull. Wood or metal spikes are added to give your helmet a badass style. The deterrent aspect should not be underestimated, Mankind is true threat in that kind of situation. I have worn this armor several times, and I can assure you bullies will think about it twice before attacking you.

Step 5: The Armlets

Armlets has been realised using 5 mm PVC, and also maintained by leather stripes coming from military surplus. Authenticity and solidity guaranted ! Once more, I add some spikes for both style and threat in close combat.

Step 6: Belt and Shoes

Belts are an essential point in survival times. What would Batman do without his gadgets ? You will need at any time your knife, drugs, or simply, grenades. You MUST hold those things at your fingertips for a quick draw. The belt is also supporting my leg protections, indispensable to avoid bites.

If you are wearing slippers when the great invasion begins, or laying in front of TV broadcasting the very first video of the Rising Death, the first thing you'll need is a high-standard pair of shoes. RANGERS ONE THE TOP !

Step 7: Gadgets

When I have crafted this costume, I kept on purpose a grey/red major color to give a « metal » and « retrained » touch to it.

About gadgets,

I fashioned a necklace with a quick zipper to catch some walkers and blend in them. As a true TWD fanboy, you will know you have to tear apart your new pet's paw and crush his jaw. Its smell, his necrosing flesh will help you to walk into them without being spotted.

I collect a bag on a brave soldier down for living ones.

Step 8: The Jacket

Our jacket is designed into a fabric prevented from tears and keeping your body's natural warm.

i protected my neck with an old piece of fabric.

Step 9: ​Do You Need More ?

My dear survivalist friends, I hope I did not offend you. This tuto had a voluntary offbeat humour. I do not believe in a close Armageddon. Our world will end for sure, and by human hand. This costume replies humorously to a serious question of mine : How shall I survive in case of plague ? How will I be able to live ? To face my fears ? To end somebody else's life to protect people I love ? I hope you have been pleased by the reading of this.

Don't hesitate to ask me more questions about technical or practical aspects, or if you want more pics I'll gladly answer you all.



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    24 Discussions

    would be cool if you did more detailed instructions on each piece

    You said your saw blade can cut a boar or a deer, just one problem... All Your teeth are backwards... Sooo yea... Nice job tho

    3 replies

    my sawblade can easily cut some prey like boar or deer ;)

    If you can get close enough to the deer. LoL good luck chasing a deer that you will never catch. In a dayz time you need dang guns period!!

    yeah I really like the paint job

    Or you could live in texas like me and have multi ar15 rifles zombies dont mess with TEXANS

    Is this...serious? Don't MAKE a weapon, FIND IT! Chainsaws aren't gonna cut it, you need guns. Plus, what happens when your infected? You should wear a medical mask and holds up in a small house. Go out and get supplies, and find weapons.

    sorry to say this but
    in a real apocalyptic situation you would NOT want any spikes or chain hanging or sticking from you, this will cause you to get stuck and die, in an apocalypse it is important to get clothes that have a small chance to get stuck, and chains would make too much noise, thus luring the zombies, creating a more dangerous situation,
    but that aside it looks fun c:



    Pretty darn impressive and the best one I've seen for the contest. You got my vote and, in case of apocalypse, are welcome to stay at my base camp anytime. ;)

    If you dig apocalypse survival and are intrigued by zombie monkeys, this is a fun read:

    2 replies

    Hi ! thanks for your vote and your link. That's fun ;)

    If you want me at your camp you have to know that in case of apocalypse my service are not free ;) be sure to have enought food to pay me ^^

    But, of course. We'll have plenty of provisions kept secure in our safes! lol :)

    Probably more oriented to the contest than 98% of the entries I see. Nice job.