How to Take Tea at Tech Shop.

Introduction: How to Take Tea at Tech Shop.

Making tea at Tech Shop is a very important skill, as coffee can sometimes leave you with burnout. Sipping on tea Cold or hot will give you more stamina ( unless your drinking Chamomile).

And more Stamina means more Tech Shop projects completed. In fact I am currently drinking Yerba Mate as I type.


Which means more stuff done than I thought I was going to do!!! 

This Picture was taken as a (Before) Tea Time Photo.

Step 1: Which Tea

First: How awake do you need to be? This determines which tea you need.

Some: Green Tea, Herbal tea(The hot water and smells will excite the senses.)

Lots: Green/White tea mix, Yerba Mate

Many:Black tea, Yerba Mate mixed with Black tea.

WTF was I thinking not sleeping at all: Use 3 Black tea bags. For this choose a flavored black tea as it will be easier to guzzle down.

Step 2: OH, THINE Tree Maketh Me Drink the Water of the Gods.

NOW. you may be sleepy while reading stay with me.

Fetch yourself a cup. If you have a mug great. if not use a good sturdy paper cup.

if your paper cup is not thick enough then you will want a napkin or handmade cup sleeve. Which will be in our next instructable.

PS ( If you get the title's relevance then leave a comment and tell me if you have a twisted sense of humor as well)

Step 3: You Think Its Add Water. HA

So now you have your tea and your cup and you are about to put water in the cup? NO!

You add your tea bag first.


The water from the source your getting it from is a number of deg F. well by the time you've poured your water and then opened your tea bag and then added water....the temp has dropped many degrees.

The hotter the water, the more stuff it pulls out of the tea in a minimum of time.  If your making cold brew tea see: (another instructable.)

Step 4: And Moses Put the Water....

Now you have your tea in the cup and your cup...Locate your source of water. a coffee pot is great as they usually have a hot water spout on top.

Pour the Water over the tea.
Green. White, Yerba Mate (even black yerba mate) I leave in the cup to steep while i drink as it keeps i strong.

Black tea: Steep for an average of 4 min. It depends on how you like it.

As far as sugar and milk and other things like that. We are a Maker crew, a Building crew, A Tech Shop crew. So adding sugar everyday to my tea adds up to a pound of sugar per month, we don't need that, stick with honey if you need something. and let the tea do the rest.

Step 5: Finally


Hopefully you have found this entertaining and that it keeps you zippy


Step 6: BUT WAIT!!?!?!?!?!?!

I Want cold Tea!

Ok then we shall make it. Many will say this is not tea and that it defiles the tea ever so.....Tell them to go....

First: Find Some ICE

Step 7: The Tricky Part.

It seems to work well when you add your tea slowly to the cup letting the hot liquid run all over the ice.

Step 8: Now You May Chill.

If you have a top, put it on. if not then just grab and go. Enjoy.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I suppose it all depends on how quickly you need your iced tea....I want it now= Tea Dark spooner + Ice= average iced tea.

    Tea later....Means I brewed it and then forgot about it...and now it's cool. LOL.

    But dang that is a good tea, the leaves will have time to release all it's flavor into the water, although, it may be too much flavor. At that point just add a bit of water or lemonade <- My favorite...

    and thanks for you comments.

    Trike Lover
    Trike Lover

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm curious. If you make tea at "regular" strength, say steeping for four minutes, do you let your tea cool to ambient temperature before pouring over ice? Or, do you brew the tea extra, extra strong (spoons stay upright, etc.), then pour the very hot tea over a large quantity of ice. The latter would result in diluting the mixture considerably from the melted ice, would it not?

    My Scots granny taught me early on that making tea properly requires the water be brought to a full, roiling boil. Since a large amount of additional heat (latent heat of vapourization) is needed to bring water from 212 F to a full boil (about all I remember from Thermodynamics 201, LOL), the stored energy is considerable. Water from a coffee maker might not reach a true "full boil", so perhaps this is not an issue. However, even after steeping the hot tea made with hot, as opposed to boiling water, the temperature is still high. Just wondering how you get around that?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like ice tea! Thanks for sharing this with us and do have a splendorous day!