How to Take a Edward Weston Inspired Photograph




Introduction: How to Take a Edward Weston Inspired Photograph

Here you will learn how to take a photo in the same technique as Edward Weston. Enjoy!

Step 1: Camera?

First step is to have a camera which is able to focus and high mega pixels range

Step 2: Search for You Object

Edward Weston's photography is all about objects that we see on a daily basis, but we never see the beauty of it because its so basic to us. In your home, or work, or school, find an object that is used or seen on a regular basis, and pick that.

Step 3: Exposure Level

Point your camera at the object, and make sure the exposure level scale's arrow in the middle. In order to finish with a satisfying picture, you need the right amount of light which is how the scale will help you in.

Move the dial until its in the middle of the scale.

tip: press functions, and in the lighting section , select the light source appropriate to your environment.

Step 4: Focus

Press on your shutter release button very slightly so that you hear that the camera is doing its work in focusing in on your object. Remember, Edward Weston's photography is all about close ups. When you feel the camera has focused on the object and the area of your desire, you may press the shutter button harder to capture the image(s).

tip: you should take more than 20 pictures, no less.

Step 5: Upload

Insert your SD card from the camera into the computer/laptop slot to have a look at the pictures on a bigger screen. Look through all of them carefully, then go back and pick your top 3.

From the top 3, then pick your ultimate favorite picture.

Step 6: Photoshop

Open your favorite picture onto Photoshop

Step 7: Channel Mixer

On he top left corner tabs, click on:


->New Adjustment Layer

->Channel Mixer

When the window opens, check off the monochrome option. Then moving the red, green, blue scales left and right, move it till you feel satisfied with your picture. Keep in mind, on the bottom of that window, it says 'Total' which must always equal to 100, not more not less.

Step 8: Curves

IF you are still unsatisfied with your photo after using channel mixer you can also try Curves in addition.

go on:


->New Adjustment Layer


Click on the black eyedropper and then the rotated hand, to help you modify the curve/darkness/lightness

Step 9: Admire Your Work

Now you can step back and look at your photograph that is inspired by Edward Weston. Don't admire it for too long, make sure you save your final work!

If you feel like you need more work done, then go back on the steps needed and continue tweaking till you're happy.

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    Those look great! What made you want to get into photograpy in the first place?