How to Take Apart a Spring Pen




Introduction: How to Take Apart a Spring Pen

This is my first instructable,so I hope you like
This is what you need.
- a spring pen
- your hands
Its that easy

Step 1:

First you screw off the cap...

Step 2:

...Then you take out the spring...

Step 3:

...then you take out the ink. Thats it.

Step 4:

To put it back together you...put the ink back in...

Step 5:

...put the spring back on the ink...

Step 6:

and put the cap back on and screw it on.

Step 7:

Thats it.
I know it was pretty short, but i'll try to make longer ones in the future
thanks for reading

Step 8:



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    On some pens, the grip comes off. Of course, you can't take much more than this off all pens while being able to replace it.

    Check out my pen secret compartment and pen gun.