How to Take Out a Hard Drive Disk

Introduction: How to Take Out a Hard Drive Disk

This toutorial will show how to take out a hard drive from a computer.

Step 1: Step 1:Plce Computer One the Side With the Opening Flap Faicing the Upwards

Its really important, and makes the job easier at the end

Step 2: Step 2: Open the Computer

you open the computer by lifiting the flap, then lifting it upwards. When you open it you need to also slide it to the front.

Step 3: Step 3: Unscrew the Security Flap Off

Step 4: Step 4: Lift the Security Flap Off

Step 5: Step 5: Take Hard Drive Out

Once lifted, take out the hard drive disk. You do this by pressing on the green locks at the same time and lifting it. Before that, however, you need to unplugge the wires conneting to it

Step 6: Take the Green Locks Off the Hard Drive

Step 7: Return Every Thing to How It Was Except the Hard Drive.

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