How to Take Over the World




Introduction: How to Take Over the World

The best way i figured out to take over the world with minimal death toll. I dont like schoolso this is what i do during class figure out how to take over the world. So far this is my best plan i involves useing agriculture as basicly a bargining chip.

Feel free to add to this. this is just the basic ,the full plan is all stored safely in my head.

Step 1: Unite 3rd World Countries

become leader of a 3rd world country then use them to influence the countrys around them. Keep uniteing all the countries in a certain area until you have a large area.

Step 2: Use the Area You Have Control

Now use the area (now know as United Area) you have control of to halt trade between small countries until they join your side. now your are is larger. Offer medium country to join you so they dont have to let their economy falter any more.

dont have picture any suggestions.

Step 3: Use Your U.A.

Now you leader of your U.A. halt all trade between you and countrys not yet on your side. This will act as kind of a siege to force the countrys you warned into a economic depression. they will then be forced to your side.

Congratulations You Now Control The World

Step 4: Run Through

mock run through.

1) unite central and south america

2) get africa to join you. then work across europe and lower asia

3) halt all trade between the most powerful nations forceing them onto your side

4) new ruler of world

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Thank you Caroline for exposing me to this wonderful website

i cant wait to show this to my leader amanda

this is very insightful and creative thank you

what if everybody takes over the world? I guess everyone would have equal power, thus eliminating the need for world leaders, meaning no more taxes, so no more jobs, allowing people to do whatever you want! would you take over the world to save it?

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Equality is a net power of ZERO. If everyone has power, no one has power...

If no one has power, than there is no control, and people can do anything they want.

It should work so that everyone has equal power other than you who has more power so you are in charge

I don't know what's more bizarre, someone replying to an 8 year old comment, or me still using the same email.

definitely save canada. they have the best bacon and maple syrup. also save Maryland for me please. I like our blue crabs and Old Bay chips.

Do you mean Canadian bacon (ham) or real bacon? They do have good bacon, but ham is not bacon. lol Mmmm, Old Bay...

both really. and yes, old bay is delicious. we have three thingies of it at home and my favorite chip is the Utz brand crab chip seasoned with old bay. Lays tastes like salt and vinegar, and Herrs is a bit too crunchy. btw, i do not approve of old bay on ham or bacon. Mmmm, chick-fil-a

Grey_Wolfe makes a good point in that CANADIAN BACON IS ACTUALLY HAM! Don't worry. I meant to caps lock that to stress it as far as i could go to broadcast it to those who think Canadian Bacon is some fancy bacon. :-)

gah, i need food now. months of commenting on bacon can really drain the system.