How to Tame Your Budgie - Part 1The Beginning




Introduction: How to Tame Your Budgie - Part 1The Beginning

So you have at least one budgie and want to tame it? Or you are trying to decide if budgies are the right birds for you? Well whatever case it is this instructable is for you.

Step 1: How Tame Is Your Budgie Already?

1.If your are a beginner and now beginning to tame your budgie go to the next step.
2.If your bird is already comfortable with you being near the cage go to step 3.
3.If your bird already lets you feed or touch her/him go to step 4.
 4.If your bird does step up onto your finger go to step 5.
5. If your bird can do the above already then wait for the second sequel(if it has not come out yet).

Step 2: Get Your Budgie to Be Comfortable With You

Stand around your budgie(s) cage. When your budgie gets comfy with you try getting your hands near her cage(that will help in later on steps). I am not saying for how long you have to repeat this since every budgie is different so keep doing that till your budgie gets comfy.

P.S:Music might help your budgie get used to its new surroundings.
P.P.S: What Music? Keep trying different styles till your budgie starts chirping at one.

Step 3: Getting Deeper...

"Not so much fun yet" you are saying, in it? Well here it starts, the fun starts. Open the cage door (drum roll) if your budgie flies away just wait till it calms down then move your hand closer to it (but very very very extremely slowly). If it flies away again try later again however if it does not with one finger slightly touch your budgie. If it flies way try tommorow. And again keep doing that till your bird is comfy with it.
           Then get some millet spray and hold it near your budgie's beak. After a space of time it will start to eat it. I can't tell how much time because my budgie did it instantly while someone had to wait 45 mins! Then when your budgie gets comfortable with that try ripping off some of the millet's "balls" then put them in your hand and hold then near your budgie's beak. Again I cannot tell how much time it will take.

Attached is a vid of one of my budgies eating millet(from the stick).

Step 4: Step-ups

Does the title sound exciting? Yes. I knew you would say yes. This is how you achieve step-ups:
     You start by getting your index finger and slightly pushing it agains the space just above your budgie's legs. The budgie should lose its balance and step on your finger. If it steps with one leg just push the space above that leg a bit more. Keep practicing that.

Step 5: Congrats!

Now this is only the begining I might make a sequel to this later on but for now:

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Can you get someone to photograph the birds on your finger / eating out of your hand? It'd make the instruction more complete (or a video even)



    Reply 9 months ago



    Question 9 months ago

    what if your budgie bites do you still use this teqneice


    7 years ago

    I kind off followed that and it WORKED on one off the three pakschocho