How to Throw a Circle Changeup

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I will show you how to throw a circle changeup. For some reason when I throw a circle changeup it allways sinks down about 4 inches. (Sorry again that I used a lefty grip). A changeup is good to throw when you have say two strikes and no balls, two strikes and 1 ball, or two strikes and 2 balls. Thoses are the only times that I throw a changeup.

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Step 1: The Changeup Grip

The grip for the circle changeup is very easy. You make like a circle looking thing with your pointer finger and your thumb. If you do not have a clue what I am talking about then just look at the picture and you will get the idea of the circle changeup grip.

Step 2: How the Changeup Starts Out for Me

When ever I realease the circle changeup it is useally a little bit high. When you realease it throw it as hard as you can. The changeup is like a fastball but just ten miles per hour slower. Make sure you throw it as hard as you can and because of the way that your holding the ball it should still be about ten miles per hour slower then your fastball.

Step 3: How It Sinks for Me

Now you need to get a good look at the last picture. Now look at this picture and you can see that it sunk down a bit. Thats how the changeup works for me. Now you can see just by looking at these pictures that I never really threw the ball but anyway about 70% of the time my circle changeup will sink. I hope that this helps.

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