How to Throw Shuriken

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Hello everyone this is my first Instructable. Today ill be showing you how to throw a shuriken ill be using shuriken made out of nails you can find directions to make one here
note that you may need to adjust the throwing style for actual shuriken so you dont cut yourself

Step 1: Holding

hold the shuriken between the tip of your thumb and the middle knucle on you index finger like this

Step 2: Throwing Part One

quickly and fluidly move your hand foward

Step 3: Throwing Part Two

once your arm is straight move your thumb up a bit to realese it even thought it should slide out of your hand its self

Step 4: Done

congrats you've just thrown a shuriken it might bounce off or stick in the target like mine did it. takes awhile to get it right but once you get it right you can tell. it gose in about half an inch deep and make a nice thud sound while it dose



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      10 years ago on Introduction

      This is not the right way to throw a Hira Shuriken. This would never work on real Shurikens. What Shuriken is this supposed to emulate? A Togakure Senban? God, I really hate wannabe ninjas that don't know a thing about real ninja, their history & weapons.

      6 replies

      well i tried to be as acurate as posible and acording to wikipedia theese are techniqly hira shuriken i dont no the corect way to throw but i will look it up later and try to corect it i also specified that it this is specificly for the nail throwing stars made by icemachete i will also look up exactully what type of shuriken this is. i am sorry for the inacuricys and will fix them as soon as posible. P.S. im not a wannabe ninja anymore i am trying to study up on my ninja facts and make this and all future ninja related instructables as acurite as posible (if you read my lengthy comment this far i thank you for enduring my blathering)

      Well, fair enough, sorry if I came off as rude, these things kinda tick me off because I study real ninja history and have real weapons. And your comment is not lengthy at all. I'm a regular at I'bles and I have read far more lengthier comments.

      Of course as a hobby... look kid, ninja schools - like the one in Naruto, they don't exist, Ok? Naruto's a good show but Naruto fans who makes preposterous and stupid remarks like you are giving real Ninjutsu a bad name. Again, I don't mean to be rude, ninja wannabes just really tick me off.

      Oh, and in case you're not getting this into your head, I'll say it: You're not a ninja. I'm not a ninja. No one is a ninja. Real ninja were all killed a long time ago and the only one who knows their secrets is sensei Masaaki Hatsumi of Bujinkan, and even he's not a ninja.

      nah i didnt mean ninja school i ment did you like take a social studies or history or something class on ninjas at regular people school not ninja school lol (sorry for responding to a half year old comment but i didnt read this till now)

      DJ RadioCamisado

      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      No, he's asking if you studied about ninjas in school, or just as a hobby in your free time.  Not if you go to ninja school.

      naruto 777

      10 years ago on Introduction

      my friend and me made a few on these and went into the woods near his house and threw them at a giant stump, i got to throwing them so powerful that the nail would come out when we tried to pull it out, i was getting to throw pretty accurate too, there is also quite a few ways to throw these. thing is tho, i moved to the city, which i hate, so i cant practice anywhere. it sucks....................

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      wow i threw mine so i bounced of but when i looked at it the nail fell out... it keept bouncing off until i found out you need to throw them at softish wood lol