How to Tie a Sheetbend





Introduction: How to Tie a Sheetbend

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From the Eye in the sky workshop cam:

In the video, I didn't leave the loose ends long enough for safety. In the still picture, the loose ends are a better length.

I think I tie sheetbends totally different from everyone else -- fortunately none of mine have ever come loose. If you've got a better way post it in the comments or in a new Instructable!



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    wow, stumbled upon this and it is good practice to always do a triple sheetbend, the one above is a single. I work in the fishing industry and a single can work loose

    he. coolinstructable

    Both tails of the rope should be on the same side. From Wikipedia: "Make sure the two free ends are on the same side of the knot; otherwise you get a left-handed sheet bend - a knot of significantly reduced strength."

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    While it's probably best practice to always tie a right-handed version, I thought the left and right were the same strength for rope of similar diameter. For different diameter rope, right-hand is always better. After doing so many things wrong on this Instructable, I wonder, can I do anything right?

    Well it looks like you guys switched the comment system back to the original style. That's pretty cool.

    You're right! I've changed the title and am hanging my head in shame.

    and you invented rope?!?! (o; the shame... the shame!

    one of the harder knots that you learn in the scouts, ahhh But can you tie THE DRAGON BOWLINE!!! yes simple tie a bowline and drag it behind you Drag on bowline hahahaha i love dumb jokes