How to Tie a Shoe!:)



Step 1:

Step 1: Cross your laces to make an X.

Step 2:

Step 2: Take one lace and put the end through the top of the X.

Step 3:

Step 3: Pull on both laces at the same tome, so that they look like this:


**pull them tight before going onto the next step**

Step 5:

Step 4: Make one of the laces into a loop. (from now on the "loop lace" will be called Lace A)

Step 6:

Step 5: Take the lace you DIDNT use to make the loop (Lace B), and wrap it around the loop.

Step 7:

Step 6: Push the middle part of Lace B through the opening between Lace A, and B.

Step 8: All Done!:)

Step 7: Take the 2 loops you have now made and pull on them until they look like a tied shoe. Pull them tight and you're done!



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